5 Totally Hot Ways To Have An Orgasm Without Having Sex

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orgasms without sex

It's totally normal to get stuck in rut of plain old in-and-out penetrative sex. There's no shame in that game! We're human beings and if something works, the last thing we're going to do is stop doing that thing and try something brand new. 

It makes sense that we'd forget that some of the best orgasms around don't even happen during penetrative sex. If you want to experience orgasms like none you've ever had before you owe it to yourself to hold off and try these 5 hot penetration-free techniques right now. 


1. Dry humping 

Dry humping (otherwise known as frottage) used to be strictly the provenance of horny teenagers. Now it's enjoying a comeback as a majorly hot form of foreplay. In fact, if you do it right, dry humping can lead to penetration-free orgasms like nothing you've ever experienced. 

The friction of the clothing against your genitals is the perfect material for building that tension that's oh-so-necessary for achieving orgasmic relief. Sure, you might be allowed to whip off your jeans and get down to business now that you're all grown up, but that doesn't mean you have to! 

2. Dirty talk 

We tend to think of dirty talk as the saucy cherry on top of the sex sundae. While talking dirty can definitely heighten things during penetrative sex, it can actually be enough all on its own to help you have a mind blowing orgasm. 

It kind of makes sense, if you stop and think about it for a second. The biggest sexual organ in both men and women IS the brain, after all. What a vibrator does for your vagina and clitoris well-performed dirty talk does for your brain. This doesn't mean you have to start out hot and heavy detailing insane fantasies involving the two of you, a cheering crowd, and a vat of Jell-O either. Start slow, telling your partner what you like, what turns you on, what you love doing to them. It's got to feel natural if it's going to push you over the edge lead to earth-shattering orgasms. 


3. Direct stimulation 

Oral sex is awesome, but nothing beats concentrated direct stimulation to the clitoris. Welcome to orgasm city, population: you, you, you. But make sure your partner who is performing said direction stimulation understands the female anatomy properly before you get started.

Many men (and some women) don't know that the clitoris is more that the nub of erectile tissue nestled above the vaginal opening. The clitoris extends to ten times that inside internally. By stroking your labia and working your pubic mound, your partner is actually working your entire clitoris. This is what dreams (and orgasms) are made of. 

4. Boob play 

It's a fact, your nipples are pretty banging erogenous zones and if stimulated properly they can give you totally unique orgasms like nothing you've experienced during penetrative sex. That said, every woman is different. Some have very sensitive nipples and can be sent over the edge with just some light brushing from the back of the hand. Others will need some rougher loving, with pinching and light slapping.

Don't feel defeated if you try this and don't get right to having stellar orgasms. Sex like everything else, has a learning curve. Give yourself time to explore what works (and what doesn't) for you, your body and your partner. And remember, practicing is fun all by itself. 


5. Masturbate together 

Masturbation and sex have approximately one thing in common: if performed the right way for your body they can both lead to orgasms. If you have been having a difficult time having orgasms with your partner, masturbating together could be the key to solving your bedroom problems. 

Killer orgasms are all about owning your sexuality and your body. You know how you like to be touched and what works for you, so does your partner. Watching each other masturbate isn't just hot, it's all totally educational. Once you see how your partner tackles their body and you see how they tackle theirs, you can come together and really blow each other's minds with your new found knowledge.