4 Hot Sex Moves That Will Blow His Ever-Loving Mind

These tried and true tricks will leave your man begging for more.

4 Hot Sex Moves That Will Blow His Ever-Loving Mind getty

When it comes to pleasing men in the bedroom with smokin' hot sex moves, women often mistakenly feel they have to bend themselves into some sort of exotic new position. And while variety definitely adds spice to your sex life, a contortionist isn't always what he wants and in extreme cases can even make for some awkward trips to the emergency room!

Instead, just re-master the hottest of the tried and true sex moves that already drive him nuts. And what exactly are these classic moves? I'm glad you asked ...


1. Try the move that only needs your mouth. Ask any guy and he'll tell you this: getting a blow job is one of the sexiest things he can receive from his girl. To get you started, here are three things to remember when going down on him.

  • Too wet is better than too dry. All guys prefer it to feel wet and luscious as opposed to dry like sandpaper (yikes). Don't worry if you find that you're producing a ton of saliva — this is a GOOD thing. Alternatively, if you're having trouble producing saliva, simply use an edible, water-based lube to moisten your mouth.
  • There's more than just the tip. Don't neglect the other parts of his groin area when giving your man oral sex.
  • Pleasure, not pain! If you're serious about his pleasure, then you need to make sure not to accidentally graze or even bite by mistake. If he's too big for your mouth and you find it difficult to keep your teeth from accidentally grazing it, try wrapping your lips over your teeth. 

2. Move on from missionary. The easiest hot moves that you can learn are new sex positions. While most people stick to tried-and-true positions like missionary, cowgirl or doggie style, there are hundreds more lovemaking positions that you can learn. Some of these require extreme amounts of flexibility and don't actually make for great sex ... so just make sure that you can physically perform them!


3. Talk dirty. Lack of communication during sex will kill your sex life. Thankfully, dirty talking is a turn-on to men and doesn't kill the mood. If you've never tried it before or you're a little bit nervous at the thought of trying it, remember that you don't need to sound like a porn star to sound sexy to your man. Groaning and moaning is the easiest way to let your man know how he's doing. Even whispering in a husky voice, "A little deeper", will let him know what you want while still keeping him totally turned on. 

4. Turn him on ... by being turned on. By far the easiest and most powerful hot sex move that you can use on your man is showing your enthusiasm. You don't actually need to talk dirty, know a ton of sex positions, or even how to give a good blow job if you look like you're having a good time. It lets your man know that he's doing a good job because no man ever wants to feel like a failure in the bedroom. Arch your back, gently grab his hair or whisper naughty things in his ear — these are steamy yet subtle ways to show him that he's turning you on.

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