These HOT Sexting Games Will Turn Him On When You're Not With Him

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As the honeymoon phase of your relationship draws to a close, it can be a challenge to keep things fun, fresh, and exciting. This is especially true if the relationship is long-distance and you guys rely on phones for your communication.

Incorporating long-distance sexting }} games into your relationship is one idea for how to do this. While they don’t substitute for real conversation and actually seeing one another, sexting is an entertaining and enjoyable way to spend time together from afar. The right long-distance sexting game can bring you closer and spice things up, so here are seven for you to try.

1. 20 Questions

This is a classic sex game, so most likely you already know the rules. Someone picks an object (animal, vegetable, mineral) and the other person starts guessing. They slowly narrow the object down using targeted questions until they can guess what it actually is.

Although some people keep a strict 20-question limit, others play that you can guess until you figure it out. Up to you. This is a good sex game to play at work or in class because it doesn’t matter if you wait a long time between question and answer.

2. Guess the Body Part

This is a racy game that involves sending extreme close-ups of different body parts and making your partner guess what they are. Try interspersing regular boring body parts, like an upper arm or a cheek, with more exciting ones. Once you guys get good at this sex game, try using filters to confuse what your partner is actually seeing.

Although it can be a fun lead-in to dirty talk or outright sexting, make sure you trust the person not to share these photos. It’s a very personal way to get close, and you wouldn’t want to find out later that things have gone wrong.

3. Would You Rather?

Ah, the classic "would you rather?" game. As in, would you rather take arsenic or drown in the ocean? Would you rather kiss a dead body or have sex on a very thin tree limb where you might fall to your death? Would you rather swim the English Channel or eat a termite?

Creating crazy scenarios and putting them to your lover can be an intriguing way to learn more about him, and tell him more about you. While they can definitely be about sex, you can also feel free to ask about regular, everyday scenarios (i.e., chocolate or vanilla? Silver or gold?). You never know when this information might come in handy.

4. Guess the Character

Time to get in character! If you and your man share a love of movies or literature, this is an especially great long-distance sexting game to try. All you have to do is think of an amazing quote from a movie or book you love and text it to your guy. If he can guess it, awesome. If not, you can give him hints or decide whether the rules allow him to look it up. Dealer’s choice.

A fun variation is to pick a particular genre. For instance, if your genre is the Roaring 20s, you can quote from The Great Gatsby. Or you might choose science fiction as your genre, in which case lines from Jurassic Park (“Clever girl!”) or Planet of the Apes (“Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape”) might be more appropriate.

5. Shag, Marry, Kill

This one’s pretty simple. List three people for your man to choose between, then have him choose which to marry, shag or kill. You might choose mutual friends, but most people do celebrities.

For instance, you could choose Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon, and Jessica Chastain. Then your man has to decide which he would marry, which he would just have sex with, and which he would outright kill. Once he’s made his choice, it’s time to turn the question over to you. For some extra spice, do members of the wrong gender to make things extra hard.

6. One-Line Story

Take turns crafting your best one-line story. Ernest Hemingway’s classic and heartbreaking example reads, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Take a stab at it yourself, trying to convey the depth of feeling and clear plot in just one sentence.

A variation on this game is to keep the story going, each of you adding a line to thicken the plot, develop the characters and build a story from that initial first line. Especially for literary types, this is a great way to pass the time apart.

7. Where Am I?

If you and your man are forced to spend long periods of time apart, whether because you work different hours or live in a different city, this is a great way to pass the time and bond. You can play it in a couple ways, either by taking a picture of your surroundings that disguises a lot of details or by giving hints about where you are.

Of course, this long-distance sexting game is easier to play if you have been to where the other one is, but even if you haven’t, it can still be fun. Your partner can give you hints, and you can look them up online to try to determine where in the world he is. It’s a way to pass the time while thinking about the one you love.

Texting games can be great for keeping your relationship spicy, especially from afar, but naturally, there is more to it than simply sexting. You need to communicate, show each other you care, and be there when things get rough. In between, though, getting to know your man better and having lighthearted fun with him is one of the best things you can do for your relationship, so don’t hold back!


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