100 Super Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions For Couples Looking To Spice Up Their Sex Lives

Learn all about your partner's intimate desires through these dirty would you rather questions!

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Dirty "would you rather" questions are always a fun and daring way to spice up your and your partner's sex life.

The questions in this sex game can range from simple, innocuous questions about hypothetical situations to super naughty ones more suited to, well, the bedroom.

"Would You Rather" essentially poses questions regarding two hypothetical situations of which you choose one or the other. It's an excellent way to figure out what each other’s kinks, fantasies, or fetishes are in a fun and playful fashion.


This sexy "Would You Rather" game is relatively simple, and the questions can be as dirty or outlandish as you choose.

Most couples start out with tame questions and make them progressively more explicit as the game progresses and they loosen up. Some couples even incorporate drinking into their games to help keep things light and fun.

But why make the questions dirty? Over time, a relationship can grow dull, and it is important to incorporate these kinds of activities in order to keep the relationship fully alive.

Here are the best dirty 'Would You Rather' questions to get any couple started on spicing up their sex lives.

1. Would you rather I kiss my boss or you kiss him/her?


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2. Would you rather have sex with a girl in a lacy bustier or in a bondage outfit?

3. Would you rather be in a relationship with a totally submissive partner or a totally dominant partner?

4. Would you rather have sex with just one person watching, or would you rather have sex with 50 people watching?

5. Would you rather have sex with one partner in the same position in the same bedroom or have sex with a completely different person every time?

6. Would you rather have premature ejaculation and a tiny penis but be one of the hottest men alive or have incredible sexual ability with a massive penis but be a mediocre-looking individual?


7. Would you rather sleep with someone much older than you or simply never have sex during your entire lifetime?

8. Would you rather be a virgin until you are 40 and subsequently have the most amazing sexual partners of a lifetime, or would you rather have the most amazing sexual partners until you 40 and then never have sex again?

9. Would you rather remain a virgin until marriage and have a spectacular sexual partner, or would you rather remain unmarried for the rest of your life and have a ton of great sexual partners who never love or commit to you?

10. Would you rather only ever have sex in bed or only ever have sex outside the bedroom?

11. Would you rather be blind and sleep with the most attractive women in the world as often as you wanted or have your vision and be the same person you are now?


12. Would you rather proposition a complete stranger for sex (one who was exceptionally attractive), and face the possibility of being rejected, or receive guaranteed sex from a very unattractive individual as many times as you wanted?

13. Would you rather I go down on you or you go down on me?

14. Would you rather have sex in the kitchen or in the living room?

15. Would you rather have sex with my best friend or your best friend?

16. Would you rather have sex with me in front of our closest friends or have a sex video of us, with our faces blurred out, circulated online?

17. Would you rather get a BJ from another guy or have anal sex with a guy?


18. Would you rather make out with someone else or watch me make out with someone else?

19. If you were invisible for the day, would you secretly grab butts or boobs?

20. Would you rather give up a promotion or sleep with your boss to get a promotion?

21. Would you rather see me dressed up as a sexy librarian or an exotic dancer?

22. Would you never be allowed to talk dirty again or only be allowed to talk dirty in and out of the bedroom?

23. Would you rather orgasm every time you sneeze or sneeze every time you orgasm?

24. Would you rather have average sex with someone you love every day or have a series of amazing one-night stands?

25. Would you rather answer all the questions on this list or make a sex tape?


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26. Would you rather have mediocre sex every day or really amazing sex once a year?

27. Would you rather have sex morning or night?

28. Would you rather have sex in the pool or in the ocean?

29. Would you rather have sex in the woods or on the subway?

30. Would you rather have sex in the backyard or front porch?

31. Would you rather have sex in the car or in the hot tub?

32. Would you rather have sex in the back of the car or the front of the car?

33. Would you rather be a porn star or have sex with one?

34. Would you rather send nudes by mistake to your boss or receive nudes from your boss?


35. Would you rather watch porn with your celebrity crush or get a lap dance from the true love of your life?

36. Would you rather receive or give a lap dance?

37. Would you rather watch porn or watch my poetry slam?

38. Would you rather keep playing the game or have sex right now?

39. Would you rather play a drinking game or truth or dare?

40. Would you rather use sex toys or ropes to time me up?

41. Would you rather never receive oral again or never receive a hand job?

42. Would you rather accidentally send nudes to your boss or to your parents?

43. Would you rather walk in on your parents having sex or have them walk in on you?

44. Would you rather spit or swallow?


45. Would you rather only be able to be on the bottom during sex, or only on the top? 

46. Would you rather be cheated on by a partner or cheat on a partner?

47. Would you rather see me dressed up as a sexy nurse or a sexy construction worker?

48. Would you rather do it doggy style or reverse cowgirl?

49. Would you rather make out in the back of a taxi or in the front of an airplane?

50. Would you rather have a threesome with me, you, and my best friend, or me, you, and your best friend?

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51. Would you rather be someone's sugar baby or sugar daddy?

52. Would you rather exchange sex for money or money for sex?


53. Would you rather have sex with your dentist or your boss?

54. Would you rather have amazing sex with your enemy or mediocre sex with someone you love?

55. Would you rather bottom from the top or top from the bottom?

56.  Would you rather whip me or be whipped by me?

57. Would you rather have your hair pulled or be whipped?

58. Would you rather have your back scratched or your ear licked?

59. Would you rather have me kiss your stomach or your neck?

60. Would you rather eat only potatoes or never have sex again?

61. Would you rather only have sex from the back or the front?

62. Would you rather have a closet full of sex toys or kinky outfits?

63.  Would you rather roleplay as my doctor or my dentist?


64. Would you rather use a vibrator during sex or a dildo?

65. Would you rather eat me out or finger me?

67. Would you rather I wear sexy lingerie or I take off all my clothes?

68. Would you rather have someone spank you or choke you?

69. Would you rather have shower sex or car sex?

70. Would you rather have sex in an airport bathroom or at a giant party with all of our friends?

71. Would you rather have sex in the park or at the beach?

72. Would you rather use tongue or teeth?

73. Would you rather incorporate cheese or chocolate fondue when we have sex?

74. Would you rather sneeze every time you orgasm or orgasm every time you sneeze?

75. Would you rather I wear sexy underwear or no underwear?


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76. Would you rather never talk to your parents again or never have sex with me again?

77. Would you rather cry every time you orgasm or orgasm every time you cry?

78. Would you rather have sex with my best friend or a famous celebrity?

79. Would you rather cheat on a partner with a friend or be cheated on by them?


80. Would you rather share a bed with your best friend or your ex?

81.  Would you rather have morning sex or night sex?

82. Would you rather have sex with the lights off or on?

83. Would you rather have one partner or multiple partners?

84.  Would you rather get intimate with someone who is vanilla or kinky?

85.  Would you rather see a dominatrix or be a dominatrix?

86. Would you rather have sex in extreme cold or heat?

87. Would you rather have sex outside on the coldest day of the year or the hottest?

88. Would you rather get spanked or tied up?

89. Would you would rather get spanked or do the spanking?

90. Would you rather sleep with someone on the first date or wait for six months?


91. Would you rather take off my clothes or have $20 right now?

92. Would you rather have unbelievable sex that lasts ten minutes or average sex that lasts an hour?

93. Would you rather say your ex's name during sex or your partner's best friend's name?

94. Would you rather see through my clothes or read my mind?

95. Would you rather use frigid ice cubs or hot wax?

96. Would you rather take a body shot or have one taken off you?

97. Would you rather kiss me in public or have sex in public?

98. Would you rather have sex in the bath or the shower?

99. Would you rather have sex for twenty-four hours or go without sex for two days?

100. Would you rather have sex with Britney Spears or Jamie Lynn Spears?


As you can see, this is a fun and harmless way that can help both you and your partner open up.

This game is designed to get people to explore all of their risk-taking behaviors and to examine all of their wants, desires, and kinks while maintaining a sense of playfulness.

Many people are unable to blatantly describe their fantasies, and this game provides an easy means by which you can explore this part of your partner without being too direct.

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Sean Jameson is a sex coach and relationship educator. Learn his very best sex tips on the Bad Girl's Bible website.