50 Crazy-Fun Questions For The ULTIMATE Game Of 'Never Have I Ever'

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never have I ever questions

I love playing Never Have I Ever

It's been one of my favorite bonding AND drinking games since I was old enough to sit around sipping cheap beer with my best girlfriends...legally! 

It seems like no matter how old you get, Never Have I Ever always reveals secrets about even your BEST friends that will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

I once learned that my sweet and innocent bestie one wrestled another woman in a baby pool full of KY Lube! 

I mean, that shocked even me, and I write about sex for a living. 

If you don't know how to play the game, it's simple. 

One person asks a question framed with "Never have I ever..."

So here's a G-rated example.

"Never have I ever kissed a boy's neck."

Everyone in the room who HAS kissed a boy's neck then must take a sip of their alcohol. 

You can play a booze-free version too, but let's be real, the booze version is where things get truly wild... 

In moderation! 

I've rounded up my favorite Never Have I Ever questions to get your game started.

The run the gamut from G-rated to X-rated and everything in between! 

Embarrassment, laughter, and a great night of bonding are in your future with these 50 awesome "Never Have I Evers". 

Never have I ever...

1. Peed during sex.

2. Left the house without putting on shoes. 

3. Rejected a man because of his penis size. 

4. Gone on a date for free food.

5. Lied to get a guy in bed. 


6. Swallowed. 

7. Lied to a friend. 

8. Ditched friends to hang out with a guy.

9. Denied it was me who dealt it. 

10. Thought I lost my glasses, only to discover I'd been wearing them the whole time.

11. Had a threesome. 

12. Farted while making out. 

13. Used sex toys


14. Stuffed my bra.

15. Eaten a donut off a penis. 

16. Been spanked in public. 

17. Stolen my best friend's boyfriend

18. Called in sick to go to the beach 

19. Been caught having sex in a bar bathroom. 

20. Fingered a guy's butthole. 


21. Given a blowjob while he was driving. 

22. Cheated to get revenge. 

23. Cried over a haircut 

24. Lied about a hookup

25. Forgotten about a hookup.

26. Had a one night stand. 

27. Bled through my pants during my period. 

28. Read Harry Potter. 

29. Slept with a stuffed animal as an adult. 

30. Kissed a girl. 

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31. Lied to my parents. 

32. Received oral sex during my period. 

33. Had multiple orgasms

34. Masturbated using a battery powered toothbrush. 

35. Pretended I was being a baby to serve someone's kink

36. Called a man daddy during sex. 

37. Dressed up like a stuffed animal to play up his furry fetish

38. Sat on a balloon to give him a sexual thrill. 

39. French kissed. 


40. Had sex with more than one person on the same day. 

41. Pooped my pants on a date. 

42. Taken a photo of a handprint on your ass. 

43. Not worn a bra to work. 

44. Ridden a bike drunk

45. Faked an orgasm. 

46. Crushed on a friend's dad. 


47. Said something I regret while drunk

48. Talked to my pets like they're people. 

49. Shoplifted

50. Hooked up with my friend's brother.