10 Sexts To Send To Your Man That Will Make Him Orgasm INSTANTLY

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10 Sexting Examples That Make For Amazing Foreplay

Sexting is an art and it’s one you practically have to learn if you’re into hookup culture or into having a long-distance relationship. Unlike other forms of intimacy, how well you can sext is mostly based on how well you can use your words.

The problem is that sounding sexy can be pretty awkward if you don’t know what to say. Here are some of the hottest sexting examples you can send and how to use them to get him riled up.

1. The Picture Sext


This is a message that is literally you just being scantily clad. Guys know what this means, and they won’t need to have any words exchanged once they see your “come hither” look.

2. The Twat Shot

When most men send dick pics, they’re hoping they’ll see this in exchange. A twat shot is a very easy way to convey, “Hey, I want you. Fill this up!” Much like a picture sext, a twat shot doesn’t need too much explanation.

3. “So, I’ve been thinking of you... in bed...”


This basically says what guys always want to hear. They want to hear that girls fantasize about them. Want to amp this sext up? Send over a shot of your fingers with a little bit of moisture on them, and they’ll definitely get the picture.

4. “God, you turn me on so bad.”

Once again, petting a man’s ego is a good way to get him warmed up. Knowing that you’re thinking about him and getting ready to go is what will get him turned on. It’s just the way men are.

5. “I want you inside me.”


Saying this, texting this, or whispering this in his ear will all have the exact same reaction from any man on the planet. It the fastest way to get him sprung and ready for business.

6. “There’s this little fantasy I’ve been having with you...”

Want to turn a man on and maybe enact a fantasy when he gets home? Just start telling him all the dirty things you’ve been wanting him to do. The more descriptive you get, the better.

7. “Your clothes are coming off when you come home, just so you know.”


Men really get off on being desired. What’s sexier than knowing that you have a gorgeous girl at home who’s ready to pounce on you as soon as you come home?

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8. “Hey! I found this really cool blow job technique I wanna try online. You game?”

It’s playful. It shows you want to try something new and it tells him he’s in for a treat. What better way to get him ready to pounce you?

9. “I was looking at dirty films. I wanna try this one scene out.”


There’s something innately hot in admitting that you watch skin flicks and get “inspiration” from them. And it’ll make him wonder what video you’re watching... and let his mind wander in the best ways possible.

10. A Video Tease

If you’re really feeling risqué, then go for the glory and record a sexy video. He will adore it.