7 Sexy, Sensual Pro-Tips To Send A Man Into Complete EUPHORIA

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7 Sexy, Sensual Tips On How To Pleasure A Man

I'm going to show you how to pleasure a man using a few very simple, yet powerful techniques and tricks. Once you see how easy it is to pleasure your man during sex, you'll have one very happy man on your hands.

1. Start at the beginning.

A seriously crucial mistake that girls often make is that they believe men don't like or enjoy foreplay. They know that they get aroused and turned on incredibly quickly so they think that there is no reason to use any foreplay on him.

This is just plain wrong! The fact is that men love foreplay, even if they never express it with words. When you give your man great, long, drawn out foreplay, he is going to find sex a lot more enjoyable and pleasurable with you.

2. Kiss him with passion.

If you are someone who prefers their man to take control, then you probably wait for him to kiss you and for him to control the pace of kissing. A great way to change things up and really ramp up the pleasure is to take more control while kissing him.

So instead of just waiting for him to kiss you, trying grabbing him and just start kissing him. He will be both very surprised and very turned on.

3. Massage his ego.

No matter what kind of guy you are with, he is going to have an ego. And men love nothing more than to have their ego massaged.

An awesome way to do this is to show him that you can't keep your hands off him. Areas that men love to have massaged and touched include their neck, back, butt and their ears (the ears are like a secret place that not everybody knows about).

4. Learn oral sex techniques to blow his mind.

Without a doubt, the easiest and most effective thing you can do to make sure you pleasure your man properly each time is to learn the best oral sex techniques to use on him.

5. Don't be a starfish.

If you ever wanted a shortcut on how to pleasure your boyfriend in bed, then being enthusiastic about is a major shortcut. You see, there really is no bigger turn off for your man than what I like to call "Starfish Syndrome." I know that sounds a little weird, so let me explain.

It's what happens when you act like a starfish, not really moving or getting involved in lovemaking with your man. You must absolutely avoid Starfish Syndrome if you want to pleasure your man in bed. Try using your hands to grab and scratch his back and bum, make eye contact, change what position you are using, and take the lead from time to time.

Don't worry if you're a little nervous when you first become more proactive in bed with your man. It's totally natural. The important thing is to keep on trying. As you do, your confidence will build and you'll be surprised at how fast you improve.

6. Think about what you say to him.

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If you are normally almost silent in bed, maybe it's time to start getting a little more vocal. Most guys really love it when their partner talks dirty in bed. You don't necessarily need to sound like a porn star when talking dirty to your man, but at least moan loudly and let him know when he's doing something that you particularly enjoy.

Again, you don't have to scream out long, descriptive sentences. Simply whispering in his ear that you love it when he does something in a certain way or even moaning in his ear is the perfect way to make sex much hotter and pleasurable for both of you.

7. Don't be afraid of trying new things.

The main reason guys and girls get bored in bed is because they fall into a routine. They end up using the same two or three moves in bed and, as a result, they stop looking forward to and getting excited about making love.

This is one of those deadly relationship killers. Yes, boredom is bad for your sex life, but it's actually worse for your relationship in general. To counteract this routine and potential boredom, you need to constantly try new things.


If you want to learn more awesome ways to please your man in bed, take a look at the powerful techniques in this video tutorial on giving a great blow job