4 Must-Know Sex Moves That'll Please Any Man

You — yes , you — are a sex goddess!

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Learning how to please a man sexually is a lot easier than you might think. You don't need to be some sort of sex-crazed maniac to enjoy yourself during sex and take pride in giving a man a good time in bed.

In this article I'm going to teach you how to have great sex and give your man the most pleasure he's ever had in his life.

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Here are the best sex tips for women who want to know how to please a man and have great sex that leaves you both feeling satisfied.

1. Find out his kinks, fantasies and fetishes.

Every guy has certain things that are massive turn-on's for them. It could be when you wear an extra tight pair of jeans or a pair of sexy heels or that top that reveals your cleavage more than usual.

But with that being said, it could perhaps be something a little more wild. He might love the idea of seeing you with another woman or even another man. Or maybe he really wants to try anal sex with you. Or maybe he has a thing for feet.


If you are serious about satisfying your man sexually in the bedroom, then the most powerful thing that you can do is find out what his kinks, fantasies and fetishes are — and then try them with him.

And giving them a try with your man is actually the easy part. Finding them out and getting your man to open up is the hard part. Often your man may be slightly embarrassed or reluctant to talk about them with you. To get him to relax and open up to you is not that easy unfortunately.

One way to approach it is to tell him some of yours first.

Being the first to share is a great way to get him to reciprocate. Another way is to just say that you want to try lots of different things with him. As you explain to your man each thing that you want to try with him, try to judge his reaction. Obviously he is going to look more keen and excited about certain ideas than others.


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2. Learn how to talk dirty.

Yes, we all know that men are turned on mostly by what they see. But what you may not know is that if you want to vastly increase his sexual satisfaction when you are in bed together, you need to learn how to talk dirty to him.

Talking dirty to your man takes a little practice and work, but once you master it, you'll have another skill in your sex tool set that most other girls don't possess.

The first stage to talking dirty to your man doesn't actually involve words. It simply involves you getting louder and louder during sex. You need to accentuate your moans and groans.


This is quite easy. All you are going to be moaning is, "Mmmmmm" or "Ooooooo" or "Ahhhhh." Easy, right?

The next stage to talking dirty is just using one or two words. Try slowly saying, "Yes" or "That's it" or "Yes, Yes" or "Keep going." When you are saying these one or two word phrases, try drawing them out and moaning as you say them.

Many women don't ever even get to the second stage, so if you do, you are already ahead of them!

Getting dirtier is actually pretty easy if you've mastered the first two stages. You just need to start telling your man what you enjoy about him and what he is doing,

"I love how big you feel" or "Keep hitting that spot" or "Keep going, harder" or "You feel so good inside me."


But dirty talk during sex is only a start! Don't forget that you can talk dirty to him during the day as well as through text if you want to turn him on and keep him satisfied.

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3. Learn some awesome sex positions.

One of the things that I strongly believe in is the use of variation if your want to keep your man sexually satisfied in the bedroom.


Everybody, both guys and girls, have certain things that turn them on way more than anything else. But if you focus solely on the same few things and use them over and over, you will inevitably end up getting bored of them.

I strongly advocate that all my students should constantly try new things in the bedroom with their man and intersperse these new things with what already works well. That way you will slowly but steadily build up a large database of killer sex moves that are highly pleasurable to your man.

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4. Learn how to give awesome oral sex.

If you are serious about learning how to satisfy your man sexually, then learning how to give fantastic, pleasurable blow jobs should be near the top of your list of priorities.

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Sean Jameson is a sex expert and founder of the Bad Girl's Bible website, where you can learn advanced techniques to improve your sex life. If you enjoyed learning about how to please a man and have great sex and want to learn more techniques, tactics and tips, you may be interested in watching this detailed video tutorial on giving him great oral sex.