2 Sneaky Ways To Get Your Man To See 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Fifty shades of grey movie

We know you've got a few tricks up your sleeve for this one.

Let's face it, men aren't exactly jumping with pent-up excitement like some of us women are over the highly anticipated release of the oh so kinky Fifty Shades Of Grey — especially since it's "coincidentally" in opening in theaters for Valentine's Day. (We see what you did there, movie marketers).

While it will be a joyous time for women everywhere, for the men … well, let's just say that there will be some furry, cheetah-print handcuffing involved to drag them to see it.

But that isn't to say that it will stop them from putting up a fight. To skip the foreplay and get right into him saying yes, here's some advice:

1. Make It His Boyfriend-Duty To Go With You:

At the end of the day, racy scenes aside, the movie is still technically a chick flick, and we all know that men avoid those like the plague.

To help sway his mind and ultimately convince him, remind him of all the action-filled movies that you sat (snoozed) through. It’s playing dirty, but fair is fair.

2. Let Him Know What's In It For Him:

On one hand, it's possible that your man loves that the movie will get you into the mood, but on the other, he is probably daunted that it will inspire naughty thoughts of whips, chains, Christian Grey … essentially anything but vanilla sex.

Soften his fears by assuring him that your expectations won't be too high and remind him that, ultimately, the movie will benefit the two of you.