How To Makeover Your Online Dating Profile And Get Results Fast!

How To Makeover Your Online Dating Profile And Get Results Fast!

Finding love online is possible--more likely if you follow these expert tips!

Oh gosh, I’m sorry your online dating experience is so awful! It doesn’t have to be this way—really! While many people would benefit from having their profile written by a professional dating coach, you can make some simple tweaks yourself that can instantly transform your online dating experience!

Believe me, I know how frustrating it is to sign up for an online dating site with high hopes of meeting someone special to find nothing more than an inbox of winks from gold-digging women or men who could be your father,  After giving online dating a whirl to complete my social research experiment with an international reality dating blog, in which I went on 92 dates in one year and blogged about them as Ms. New York, I realized how tough this scene really is. However, I also knew  it could work! After all, it had worked for a client I got married by ghostwriting his online dating profile and emails. Trust me, through work with clients and my own experiences with online dating, I've seen it all and know what works and what doesn't for both men and women.

Here are some online dating tips that will make a difference:

1. Get better photos: This is first and foremost, because men are the most visual creatures on the planet and women want someone who is easy on the eyes too! Your photos should be classy—not trashy!  Ladies, don’t reveal too much cleavage, wear too much makeup, or pose in unnatural, seductive photos--like those of the MySpace “kissy face” generation! Men, keep your shirts on and leave out the beer bottles and scantly-clad women next to you.

Make sure they are clear and recent—with the focus on you. A headshot and a body shot are best, and then if you want to add photos of you with friends, fine. Please don’t be guilty of false advertising by posting a photo where you were ten pounds lighter and five years younger. Do you really want someone to meet you and discover that he/she is disappointed when it's clear that you look nothing like you did in your outdated photos?

2. Choose the perfect profile length. Ladies, if your profile is too long, men will pass it by. Many don't even like texts that exceed 160 characters. Write anything that resembles a chapter in your first novel and they will be on to the next. The idea is to intrigue them enough to make them want to know more—not share your life story Men, if your profile is too short, you probably come across as boring and generic sounding. Also, you are no help to the woman who is a great catch, but has no clue what to write to you! A couple paragraphs with a little personalized detail goes a long way for both sexes, because when you include open-ended questions and interesting comments, you are giving him or her the perfect bait. Not too long, not to short—but just right.

3. Give yourself an attitude check. One thing a healthy and happy single looking for a great relationship doesn’t want is to bring drama and negativity to his life. You may not think of yourself as the Drama  King/Queen type, but the frustrations of the online dating scene can do that to you! If you make statements in your profile like "I don't play games," men  and women will think you do, in fact, play games. They will assume you have baggage and insecurity due to bad experiences in past relationships. Otherwise, why would you write this? Other than sounding negative and “crazy”, you don’t want to come across as high-maintenance or arrogant. Think light-hearted and fun—that way he or she will actually want to date you!

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