3 Fashionable Ways To Make Your Groom Stand Out

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Don't let your main squeeze look like just another "Mister."

Peak wedding season is on its way. According to The Knot, wedding season starts in June but goes on all the way through October.

If you’re planning to get married this Summer, you have a lot to prepare before your big day. One thing you should give some attention to that probably isn't on your immediate to-do list is figuring out how you’re going to make your groom stand out from the rest of the groomsmen.

For the bride and her side of the bridal party, this challenge is usually easy. But for all the men in suits, it's a little more difficult to distinguish the man of the hour.

Here are some tips for implementing men’s fashion trends for 2015 into the groom’s attire for your wedding this summer:

1. Switch Shoes

If your groom wants to look similar to his groomsmen, try giving him different shoes to wear that don’t match the ones on his backup guys. This small change is subtle and won’t make your future husband stick out too much, in case that’s something he’s worried about.

This is also a great opportunity for the groom to find something that corresponds with his personal style. Rachel Morgan, of WeddingIdeasMag.com, suggests taking this even a step further by allowing all the men involved in the wedding to choose shoes that match their personality.

Do that, and you’ll create even more uniqueness in the general feel of your wedding, which is a big trend in the industry for 2015.

2. Vary His Vest

To go a little more bold, changing up some of the suiting accessories will help to set your groom apart even more from the other males in the wedding. Giving him a different texture or varying the print in his vest or tie will make his centrality to the event more obvious upon first glance.

If this is the route you want to take, The Knot advises having the groomsmen match the bridesmaids a little more than the groom in order to create an added measure of cohesion and unity for the entire wedding party. You may also want to try having the groom sport a bow tie and the groomsmen wear traditional ties or vice versa — whatever you feel would best match your special guy’s style and personality.

3. Complementing Colors

To create the greatest distinction for the groom, make him stand out with color. You’re in luck! 2015 men’s fashion trends are all about trying new things with color and color variation.

Wedding Obsession states that one of the best ways to set the groom apart from the groomsmen is to give him a slightly different-colored suit. His suit could be one or two shades lighter or darker than those on the groomsmen, which should offer the eye enough of a distinction for your guests to recognize the groom in an instant, even if they’ve never met him.

To make this alteration a little more subtle, you could also give him a different colored jacket or have the groomsmen go without a jacket. Either accomplishes the same thing.

Weddings are the highlight of many summer parties.

To make sure the bride and groom are the highlight of their wedding, come up with a variation or two that will allow the groom to stand out from the other guys in tuxedos so the bride and groom are clearly the stars of the day.