Build More Meaning at Work & Home for 2014!

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Five Ways to Build More Meaning into Your Life for 2014

We were bringing in 2014 at a friends home last night. Between the fun zany dancing, great music, and delicious food, one of the things that struck me was that when we're in the company of friends we love, having fun, everyone's best selves' show up, including my own. There was a tangible energy of love and creativity last night at the New Year's Party we attended.

So, what are the most important ingredients for living your best life? I'd maintain it is your friendships! When you start a new job, get to know your colleagues — those people who have your back will bring your stress levels down so your brain can function in it's most creative state. Work will then start to feel easy, like a hobby, and less like work at all! Our tribal sense of connection and belonging to others is modeled by ants, bees, termites, and is an evolutionary phenomenon of humans, too. As human beings, we're basically tribal. Friends contribute to our every aspect of overall health at work, home, and in the community. We need them and they need you. Researchers define this as 'eusociality,' which suggests the innate human drive to be part of a group is genetic.

Within our 'group,' altruistic behaviors rise because of an unconscious need to improve our gene pool. This phenomenon is called ‘eugenics’. “And the ‘eusocial’ group contains multiple generations whose members perform altruistic acts, sometimes against their own personal interests, to benefit their group. 'Eusociality' is what makes our communities evolve and develop. In conversation last night, it occurred to me just how important it is that we do our best to live in a loving state and support one another.

The more supports you have in place, the less anxiety and anger will undermine you. And, the less these emotional states overwhelm you, the faster you will breakthrough anxieties of life-stage, relationship shifts, or changes in your career. One of the first questions I ask clients who are in any process of transition is "who are your supports?" Supports secure you when anxieties undermine your stability. Your good friends will show up in good times and in bad times. Watch out for ants, bees and termites, they'll want to join you too! A key indicator of mental wellness is the established presence of three to five core friends who you are current with and can count on as your home team. The same can be true at work. This year, break bread with the people you're shoulder to shoulder with!

  1. Be current in your relationships
  2. Let those you care about know they matter
  3. Behaviors say more than words
  4. Design your life this year in a way that provides time
  5. Do your friends share the same values as you?

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