10 Reasons Why Gavin McInnes Is A FLAMING IDIOT!!

Men drive us crazy

Gavin McInnes has proven to society how ridiculous and stupid he really is by degrading females.

David Letterman is leaving late night television after more than three decades in the game. And besides a barrage of hip musical acts, funny guests and well-written, timely fodder, he will leave his Top Ten list that has been such a fixture.

On the other side of the galaxy in a farm far far away, there lives a pig named Gavin McInnes. This little piggy went wee wee wee off the deep end again in explaining the rationale for why women are paid less than men. He noted that women are less ambitious because they would rather be home. He went to further suggest that this lack of desire to work means less hours in the office and the fact that women do not go the extra mile, hence less pay. And, lets not forget, he has data to back all of this up.

Well as much as data is about numbers, I have my own dataten data points actually. And so it goes, in tribute to both David Letterman and Gavin McInnes, here are the Top Ten Reasons Gavin McInnes Is A Flaming Idiot.

But first, a couple quotes from him:

"Women do earn less in America because they choose to. Women would rather go to their daughters piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal, because they're less ambitious."

" ... is God's way, Nature's way, of saying women should be home with the kids. They're happier there"

"They're (women) pretending that they like working, but they're not making money because they don't stay all night at the office. They don't go the extra mile"   

10. Associating daughters with piano recitals is like associating Republicans with right-wing nut jobs and cops with donuts. Perhaps the shoe fits at times but the generalization does not help the stereotype or the cause.  

9. If "is God's way", than is Gavin acknowledging that God is punishing those same women he gives free will and choice to? That would be like God saying, "I don't like Toyota's but I'll let Chris buy one. I'll just make sure it can only turn left so that he continues to go in circles. Tee hee!"

8. Saying women choose to earn less despite the loud and warranted outcry to the pay differential is like saying that black people choose to be killed by cops despite the loud and warranted outcries in Baltimore, Ferguson and New York City.

7. Working all night at the office does not make a productive employee nor guarantee going the extra mile. I won't even get into whether or not it's statistically accurate to suggest that women don't work long hours.

6. Gavin McInnes is an idiot.

5. Some women may have to pretend they like working in certain environments where sexual harassment and lower wages are prevalent and ignored. His observation makes him a certified genius. Cough Cough.

4. I didn't realize Nature could actually say anything. Speaking of, where is John Cusack, the Boom Box and 'In Your Eyes' when you need relief from a Gavin McInnes sighting?

3. When he associated women not making money to their failure to 'stay all night at the office', I could swear he was associating women refusing to exchange money for 'all night' sexual favors. Silly me, why would a misogynistic creep ever think that?

2. Saying women are less ambitious is just stupid. Especially as he associates the observation with a woman's desire to see their children's activities. Is that to say that men are more ambitious because they would rather be at work than attend those same activities?

1. The genesis of everything he said is that women have a place and men have a place. If women went back to their place (home) and men stayed at theirs (work), would we have any homes to live in? Not likely considering the economies dependencies on dual incomes. And last I checked, the party Gavin warms up to is all about keeping the economy strong and maximizing dollars and cents.

Perhaps Gavin McInnes will stand behind his words and take part in a healthy debate around his views. Or, perhaps he will continue to be an ostrich that only pokes his head and mouth out in safe territory (Fox News). My bet would be the latter, not that he really matters. It's all a bunch of chatter, like a raving mad hatter.