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Being happy in your personal space means being happy in your life, business and relationships.

Being happy makes it easier to achieve our goals. It's a well-known fact that when we are in tune with ourselves, we navigate toward balance and fulfillment in our lives with greater ease and more success.

Entrepreneurial and working women have understood for decades that being successful does not mean focusing solely on work. It means understanding the big picture and opening ourselves up to the many parts of life so we can enjoy them all.

Many women nowadays work from home. With this trend has come the need to create an attractive, efficient working space within the four walls of our residence. Even more important is the need to differentiate between work and personal time. The reason why home offices have brought positive results for many women is that they encourage creativity and make us feel at home when we are working.

As we move deeper into the 21st century, conscious living in our personal space has become an important issue. Being happy—or not—in our living space generalizes to all areas of our lives and relationships, both personal and business.

While most people know the value of their personal space, many still struggle with how to make their home truly their own—a reflection of their style and personality, of who they really are. So, what can you do to create your own style and maintain your happiness?

People used to furnish their living spaces with leftovers from family, friends and garage sales. After all, careers and money came first. The new generation of entrepreneurial and working women knows that less is more and style counts. Style doesn't have to be expensive. It just has to be you!

Ross Bonetti owns Livingspace, an acclaimed modern furniture store in North America. Ross is the best person to explain the important steps to defining your style and creating your personal space.

When I interviewed Ross, he began by saying, "Younger entrepreneurs are more interested in design than previous generations, and they put more emphasis on creating their personal space. The ease of finding style and design through the internet has opened up more options for creating unique styles within a budget."

He continued. "People understand that their personal space is an extension of their personality, so they care more about it. Both men and women are willing to put the effort into researching furniture style to suit their lifestyle and personal aesthetics."

I asked Ross to give me the most important tips for creating a powerful living space. He shared these points for creating your own global plan:

  1. Research, research, research. Do this via the internet and magazines. Take photos of what you like and create your own file of the pieces you find most attractive.
  2. Plan a budget so that you can add to your collection as your budget allows.
  3. Learn about different design aesthetics. This is good training for sophisticated taste.
  4. Remember that not having a lot of money doesn't mean you can't have a great apartment.
  5. Add one quality piece at the time, as you can.

Ross has definitely left his style mark on the world. His 19,000-square-foot store represents the top European manufacturers of modern furniture —and a few North American ones too. I asked him, "What is the biggest misconception people have about creating their living space?"

"There are two misconceptions. The first is that modern furniture is trendy. The truth is that there has been consistency since the 1940s and 50s, starting with Danish designers and North American companies like Herman Miller and Knoll. Classic modern has lasted through the decades and will continue to thrive and be the best investment for your money. The second misconception is that modern is cold. Again, the truth is something different. If you use the right materials, like wood, fabric and leather, you can achieve a clean, warm environment with long-lasting style."

"Style evolves with circumstances," says Ross. "We work with baby boomers, for example, a generation with great style. As their kids move out and they turn into empty nesters, many of them are considering an urban lifestyle. They're moving into smaller places, traveling more, and in general looking for a simpler, less cluttered life."

So, Ross's message is: Don't let furniture drive your lifestyle. Let your lifestyle guide you to the right choice of furniture, one that fits you and your circumstances.

When I do brand consulting for my clients, style often comes into the picture. Your personal style extends to many more areas of your life than your living room. Often, all you need to do is bring your style to the forefront. The way you live in your personal space reflects the same style you have in your business. Find out who you are and stretch that style across the lines of your life. Classic modern? Country with old? Antique? Ultra-modern?

Being happy in your personal space is motivation enough for you to ponder how you can improve your living space ... and achieve more happiness.

  • Do you need to clear your space before you can add one more thing?
  • Do you need to let go of your bed for a new one with fewer memories?
  • Are your working space and your living space well defined?
  • Has your style changed? Do you need to update your personal space to reflect the new you?

Style has no price, so don't worry about your budget for now. Make a plan of action, and when your budget allows, move forward. Getting to know yourself for who you are, and planning to improve your personal space accordingly, is worth it! Being happy is priceless!

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