5 Little Signs That They Could Be The One


When it's not entirely obvious, he are 5 little acts of love that suggest they are 'The One'.

I am yet to meet a man who had all the characteristics of my ‘dream’ guy. Neither have my friends. And I doubt my dream man will come with a stamp on his forehead that announces that he is ‘The One’.

Often, it’s the person who ticks around half of our list of requirements but manages to surprise with acts of love in ways we hadn’t expected that steals our hearts. Here are five little signs that prove they really could be ‘The One’.

1) He’s Happy When You’re Successful – When he met you, you were broke, slaving away in a low-paid job and you were a little bit on the chubby side. All of a sudden, you’ve become a successful career woman, are now earning more than him and you’ve gone from having a body of rolls to a physique that could rival Jennifer Nicole Lee’s. He could feel jealous and he could feel insignificant.. Instead, he’s genuinely happy for you. If he can love a ‘better’ you just as much as he loved the old you, he’s the kind of man you want to stick around.

2) He Thinks You’re Beautiful When You Think You’re Ugly – a wig-wearing friend – who had suffered from alopecia - was making love to her boyfriend when he got a little too excited, yanked her hair and the wig came right off. She swore and pulled the wig back on. She panicked but all he said was, “You look just as beautiful without the wig as you do with it on.” If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

3) She Sticks Around When You Hit the Ground – The recession has many victims. Where once they were easily able to splash out on a new car, some people are now struggling to pay their rent. Many couples have not endured the rainy weather and have parted ways. But if she met you when you were high-flying and is still with you when you’re down in the dumps (and doesn’t make you feel bad for your downfall), you can be sure that she’s definitely someone you want to hold on to.

4) He Tries His Best To Make You Happy – the shoes you kept talking about? He bought it. Stressful day at work? He runs you a bath. Complaining about his lack of romance? He organizes a candlelit dinner and presents you with tickets to the island of Fiji. He’s not weak, he’s not a ‘nice guy’; he’s a wonderful boyfriend who clearly loves to see you smile. Cherish him and be sure not to take advantage, you don’t come around such selfless people often.

5) She Tries Her Hardest With Your Family – Your mother’s difficult (admit it) and deep down you sense your partner is a bit uncomfortable around her. Or maybe you have a child that just hasn’t accepted his new stepmother. If she swallows her pride and takes steps to try to make your family happy even when they make her unhappy, you know you’re with somebody dedicated and devoted. Sounds like the ideal traits of ‘The One’ to me.

Natasha at Personal Dating Agent