How To INSTANTLY Stop Having Drama-Filled Relationships!

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It doesn't have to be so hard.

I bet you’ve had at least one drama-filled relationship - maybe even two or three. They’re gut wrenching and exhausting and sometimes soul crushing, right?   

Do you ever wonder why you attract emotionally unhealthy partners? After all, you’re in a good place. You’ve done your work, and you’re ready to have an easy, happy relationship. 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself why it keeps happening? 

Well, a couple of years ago, my friend Larry wondered the very same thing. All his exes were “crazy women” (his words). They always seemed great at first, but then the drama, jealousy, fighting and sometimes even cheating followed. It happened over and over again. And he was exhausted, depressed and confused. So Larry called me up. He knew I was a matchmaker and dating coach, and he was at the end of his rope. He asked my advice. 

“Why do I always attract these crazy ladies?” he asked. “What am I doing wrong?” By the way, Larry is a really cool, attractive, smart and successful guy – a real catch. He had no trouble meeting women. He just had trouble attracting the right ones. 

I decide to try an experiment. I introduced him to one of my coaching clients, an adorable woman named Stacy. He took her to a beautiful restaurant for dinner. The next day, I called Stacy to see how it went.  

She said, “He was handsome, smart and obviously successful, but I really don’t want to go out with him again.” 

I asked her why not. 

“Well, about ten minutes into our date, he started telling me about his dating disasters. He told me about his ex-wife. Then he told me how frustrating dating is – that women in this area really just date you if you look good on paper and make a lot of money. I really can’t see myself going out with him again.” 




I called Larry right away.   

“Larry, why on earth did you say those things”, I asked? 

“I think it’s important to be open and share my story so women understand where I’m coming from. I want to be authentic and really honest when I meet people.”   

I yelled, “LARRY, DON’T BE SO EFFING HONEST! This is why you date crazy ladies! And this is why your relationships are always filled with drama!” 

I explained, “Emotionally healthy, high-self esteem, commitment-minded women don’t want to hear negative stuff! They don’t want to hear about your exes - plus when you dis your ex, it makes YOU look bad. Healthy, drama-free women RUN from negativity. When you talk about negative stuff, women like Stacy want NOTHING to do with you! 

Do you know who does want to date you?   

Women who are negative.   

Women who are emotionally unstable.  

Women who have low-self esteem.   

They’re the ones who relate to you and your stories. They’re the ones who come back for more. And they’re the ones who create all the drama!” 

There was silence on the other end of the line… 

“So Larry, from now remember this rule.” 

**Profanity alert** 

“When you’re on dates, BLOW RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES OUT OF YOUR ASS! In other words, do not say one negative thing. 

Not about dating.   

Not about women.   

Not about your ex. 

Not about ANYTHING, do you understand? 

If your date asks about your ex-wife, say she’s a good mom, if that’s all you can muster. If she asks about dating, say, ‘I’ve met some really interesting people, and I’m feeling optimistic!’ Nothing but rainbows and butterflies, Larry, got it?” 

Larry agreed to give it a try, and guess what happened. 

The next week, he went out with a beautiful brunette named Laurie. And Larry delivered his rainbows and butterflies! He liked her and asked her out again. And she enthusiastically said YES! 

Fast-forward two years… 

Larry and Laurie are still going strong! And you know what’s different about this relationship? 

There’s ZERO drama. And Larry is VERY happy. And I’m his favorite dating coach EVER, LOL! 

So, if you’ve been a little too honest on your dates in the past… If you sometimes feel compelled to tell your “story” or to dis your ex, please STOP! When you’re negative, you attract negative unhealthy people into your life. And the good ones run for the hills! 

So here’s to blowing rainbows and butterflies out of your you-know-what! And here’s to EASY and HEALTHY relationships!   

Have fun dating and please, please, PLEASE keep it positive, my friend. I want you to stop wasting time and energy on the wrong people and start dating the RIGHT one. You totally deserve it! 

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