Yes, True Love DOES Still Exist ... (AND It's All You Hoped For)

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The skeptics are WRONG!

If it had not been for the faithful love and devotion shown by the shy Sophia Peabody, we would never have known one of the greatest American writers of all time — Nathaniel Hawthorne. And, we would also have missed out on one of the greatest love stories you've ever heard. 

At age 44, Nathaniel Hawthorne had accomplished very little in life. Fired from his job and feeling dejected, defeated, and afraid, he seemed destined to accomplish no more. Imagine the feelings of anxiety as he walked home, wondering how he was going to tell his wife, Sophia, that he no longer had a way to support them. 

Now, imagine his surprise when he got home and told her his predicament and she replied with: "That's wonderful! Now you can write your book!"

Perplexed, he asked, "But how are we going to live while I write?"

"I always knew you'd be a great writer," she replied. "That's why I've been setting aside money from the beginning so that when the time came you could get to work doing what you were made to do." 

So, buoyed by his wife's faith in him, Nathaniel picked up his pen and two years later, he published The Scarlett Letter, which sold 2,500 copies in the first 10 days and was an instant best seller. 

Though another great American writer would later say that The Scarlett Letter was the greatest work of American imagination ever created, that's not the best part of this story. 

It's how Nathaniel and Sophia loved each other.

Listen to how he describes her to his friends: "She is, in the strictest sense, my sole companion; and I need no other — there is no vacancy in my mind, any more than in my heart ... Thank God that I suffice for her boundless heart!"

And in a journal they kept together, he says: "A rainy day — a rainy day and I do verily believe there is no sunshine in this world, except what beams from my wife's eyes."

And her words about him are no less full of passion, love and devotion: "I myself am Spring with all its birds, its rivers, its buds, singing, rushing, blooming in his arms. I feel new as the Earth which is just born again — I rejoice that I am, because I am his, wholly, unreservedly his."


The ultimate good in this story is that two people — two human beings in real life — found love and intimacy in each other, and it saved them from the unendurable loneliness we all have felt at some point (and hated the feeling).

Originally scared and lonely, their unbreakable bond of love allowed them to find, in each other, a life more wonderful and soul-satisfying than they could have imagined being on their own. 

They lived their lives in the pleasure of this love, paying no mind to the difficulties that suck the enjoyment out of of life. Instead, they turned to each other for comfort and refuge.


And you, dear reader, can do the same in your relationship. 

Sadly, it's become fashionable to talk about love like it was Santa Claus: "Come on, you don't really believe in that anymore, do you?"

And almost everyone scorns the idea of monogamy these days with ideas like: "It's too much of a burden to expect one person to make you happy."

The truth of desire tells a better story ...

No matter how sound and reasonable those arguments appear, our hearts still (if they beat with the pulse of life) leap at the thought of having such a great love

Allow me to assure you, Dear Reader, that the love you desire does exist.

It may be rarer than a yellow diamond, but you can find it.

And when you do, all the effort in searching you endured in doing so will seem like a small thing in comparison to the richness of life you now enjoy. 

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