If Your're Disappointed On a Date: Be a Lady Anyway

When ending a date, make sure to do it with grace and manners

If You’re Disappointed, Be a Lady Anyway
So, you went on your first date with a guy and he was perfectly nice, but there was just no chemistry. It happens, that’s what dating is all about. You won’t know if you have a connection with someone until you test the waters and spend some time with him. If it turns out that there is no magical spark, don’t cut the date short or behave rudely. The date is a couple hours of your life, so it is not the end of the world to see it through to the end.
When ending a date, make sure to do it with grace and manners. At the close of the meal or drink, don’t drag it out; politely tell him you’re tired and have to get up early the next day. Show him that you appreciated him taking you out and thank him properly.
If he asks you out again, you can’t really lie and say yes if you don’t want to go. So, if he ends up calling you, tell him that he’s not what you’re looking for right now even though he is a lovely person. You just didn't feel ant chemistry. This is the time to let him know that you’ll keep him in mind for any of your single friends – and hope that he’ll do the same. This is how people meet!

Remember: someone's ex could be your next and someone's trash could be your treasure.

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