Unconditional Love Is A Series Of Small Acts

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We live in a world that is hurting. My question to you is what do you do on a daily basis to make a difference in someone’s life? Last week I found out our family friend died. Oftentimes we get so busy with the to-do lists in our daily life that we miss spending time and telling the people that matter most to us how pivotal they are in our lives. Why do we do this? And, more importantly, what are the ways we can show unconditional love to the important people in our lives?

Little Actions Speak Volumes for How You Love

I first met Don twenty-five years ago when I was a little girl and he was working for my mom. Don was a solid, upright, tenaciously funny Cajun man, who also happened to be wildly in love with his British wife Alice. When my father died when I was ten years old, he was there pulling our family back into the land of the living with his humor. He had a unique ability to show everyone he knew the depth of his love and zest for life.

Don’s life touched many, and he always made sure those he loved and cared for knew he was thinking about them. Whenever I saw Don and Alice together—they seemed to orbit around one another, opposites attracting, but perfect complements. When I think of Don and Alice, it reminds me of everything John Gray, Ph.D., writes passionately about how two people can become more fully themselves when they have someone right next to them lifting them up, and making them be a better version of themselves.

Don and Alice’s acts of service for each other were amazing to be a part of and witness. Alice always fixed his favorite dishes, and made sure he was relaxing when he was at home. Likewise, Don worked hard to provide for his family, and when he was at home he always made sure to do what he could to make things easier on Alice. Their fondness for each other was palpable, and a great role model for my husband and I as we navigated our early years of marriage.

Reflecting back on all of our interactions with Don, I know we were loved by him, because of all the little things he did for us on a daily basis. John Gray, Ph.D., recommends to men that the little acts of love matter far much more to women then big gifts of appreciation. I tend to agree.

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This article was originally published at Mars Venus Coach. Reprinted with permission from the author.