10 Time Periods Of Love: How To Get Through Them


See how filling you love tank makes you more attractive.

Earlier this year, we wrote some articles on Mars Venus Coaching website, mentioning love vitamins, and filling our own love tank when we notice we’re running out of gas. The world’s best-selling relationship author, Dr. John Gray, breaks ages and stages (developmental time periods) into what he calls “The Ten Time Periods.” He uses the term “love vitamins” as a catchy, fun way to reference the need essential for our development as we go through each time period.

As we grow, we go through different time periods where certain love vitamins are vital for us to grow and stay true to our authentic selves. If we don’t eat enough of a vitamin corresponding to the love need of a time period, later on in life we may need to pop earlier love vitamins to satisfy the love needs that are almost empty.

Mars Venus Coaching has listed “The Ten Time Periods” as we see them; however, no one grows up through all ten time periods to maturity with all love needs completely fulfilled. As we progress through the time periods, we miss things to varying degrees and become wounded.  READ MORE..

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