4 Valentine's Day Ideas To Help Singles Survive And Even Have Fun

anti VDay

Valentine's S.O.S: if you're single, you can actually look forward to the holiday with these tips.

I was one of those Valentine haters. I would break-up with all my boyfriends in January every year. When I was in school I was one of the girls who would never get a Valentine's Day card, I believed I was too ugly and afraid of boys anyway. I would probably have passed out if one did make the effort.

Lucky for me, I can't wait for Valentines this year; I plan to celebrate in fine style. Let me share with you some of my Valentine's Day ideas...

If you are still single, do these things to survive the holiday. 

Give YOURSELF a Valentine gift

I was chatting with my mentor a couple of days ago and I had to make a big decision in my life. I hate to admit it, but I was very upset on the call.

I told her I need to "kick myself in the butt." Yeah, not good ... a little "Ouch!" really. After a big lecture from her about how I treated myself with rolling my eyes to the sky. I was resisting her reply but she was right. She told me that I need to be really kind to myself. Oh, she was so right, um that's something, I am not overly good at...oops!!

She asked me, "What do you love to do?" And I told her how I would love to have my nails done all beautiful for the month of February, maybe daring red!! She laughed at me and said, "Well do it! A little self-love Lorna."

This is where we fall down, we forget to take care of ourselves. Do nice things for ourselves. Valentine's Day is not all about boys! Do something fun for you. Plan your own party...(please do read on, I am getting to the boy piece soon!)

Here is your surival plan...

  1. Avoid the big night — Let's not depress ourselves with all the happily-ever-after people, loved up couples and engagement rings. It is just not your turn this year. Be okay with that. So, I suggest to avoid the big night out. Invite a few girls' friends around for a bottle of bubbly and a good DV. Go drool over Chris Hemworth for the evening, and think about what could be.
  2. Buy your own flowers — You can get really nice flowers for very little at your local supermarket now. Go treat yourself to some. Soak up the fragrance (if there is any) put on your pretty dress and lounge around the house. Maybe pour yourself a bubble path. What ever you do... no self-pity!
  3. Tell a guy you like about your valentines treat — Is Valentine's over yet? This plan can work before or after Valentine's Day. If you meet a guy before Valentine's Day, tell him about your survival plan: be sure to exherate your story and throw in a few chaotic stories along the way. See if you can make him laugh! If it is after Valentine's day tell him about your fun time, tell him all your sucky valentine stories, see if can you make him laugh and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Ask about what he does to survive? Flirt and play with him. I bet he asks for your number... He will adore that fun, playful side of you and the fact you take one of the most serious days of the year as fun! Voila! You get asked out? Trust me, it works! Tried and tested.

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