6 Signs His Dating Profile Has "Player" Written All Over It


You can't judge a book by its cover, but an online dating profile? That's a different story.

When you're dating online, whether it's with the intention of finding a soulmate or hoping to find one, there are things you need to watch out for on all dating sites. These are called "red flags," and they give you a forewarning of bad things. Naturally, not all red flags lead to something negative; for example, a blurry photo might have been uploaded unintentionally. However, the fact that it's thrown up a red flag should be enough for you to exercise caution when dealing with that person. Here are some of the more common red flags to be aware of.

  1. Photos That Do Not Show Clearly What the Person Looks Like: This is probably the most common one. It includes photos that misrepresent the person, are blurred, are long-shots or in any way deter you from knowing what the person actually looks like. If someone is deliberately trying to hide what they look like, then it's a red flag for sure.
  2. Template Messages: If you've ever received a message that looked like a dozen other people were sent the same thing, you're probably right. Impersonal messages or standard letters are simply a way to save time for the experienced online dater, but it carries the risk of coming off as insincere or crass.
  3. Not Respecting Specific Requirements: If you were looking for men aged 25 to 35 from Long Island, and instead received messages from 50-year-olds living in California, wouldn't you be pissed off too? Finding a soulmate is hard enough as it is, without the extra stress of weeding out the people you didn't want to meet in the first place.
  4. Tall Tales Tell Tales: If someone is giving you a spiel about how great they are and how many famous people they know personally, that's a major red flag you should be aware of. People who boast excessively are typically narcissistic, and rarely do they have enough room in their apartment to accommodate both you and their ego.
  5. Frequent Change Of Plans: This one's a lot harder to spot, but you'll know it if the person keeps changing their mind about places to meet at, numbers not to call on, etc. Anyone who is interested in hiding something will typically behave in this manner.
  6. The Big Red Flag: One of the biggest things to watch out for is the non-committal type of person. Of course, casual dating is one thing, but most daters are after more than just a couple of dates. Many online daters are actually looking for lifetime companionship—or at least something more permanent than a one-night-stand. If you're serious about finding a soulmate, then someone who isn't ready to commit could be your biggest red flag.