7 Things To Remember When Looking For Your Chinese Soulmate


Your relationship will thrive if you keep these 7 things in mind!

Despite the rapid growth and emergence of China as a major world power in recent years, a lot of people fail to realize that Chinese people are still strongly rooted in their tradition. That tradition dates back thousands of years, so it is natural that people of Chinese origin—even those living in the West—still hold their customs and habits close to their hearts.

For men who are interested in dating Chinese ladies or finding a soulmate from another land, it is imperative that these traditions are respected if you want to have any kind of success at all! These dating tips will help you know what to expect.

  1. SexLet's get this out of the way first. In truth, even women from major cities like Shanghai and Beijing aren't that open to such dialogue on a first date. As a culture, the Chinese are reserved about such matters, and it is wise to respect that tradition. Moving too fast might put your Chinese date on her guard and make her regard you as promiscuous, unless she is familiar with the way things are done in America. If you're keen on finding a soulmate, don't focus on sex right off the bat!
  2. Familial pressure. Whether you like it or not, family will always be involved in a relationship between two youngsters. You might look at it as being intrusive, but it's part of Chinese culture and you need to respect that. However, the upside is that if you are "in" with the relatives, then the girl is more likely to accept you into the fold, so to speak!
  3. Stability. The Chinese peopleespecially the eldersare very big on the stability aspect of a relationship. Even younger Chinese women typically look for long-term relationships. Though this might sound like a generalization, very few people in the West actually realize how important an Oriental concept this really is. The sooner you realize it, the better.
  4. The future. Still on the topic of long-term relationships, Chinese ladiesas is the case with women from anywhere in the worldare keen to know what the future holds for them. It is important for you to be up front about your plans. If it's just a one-night stand and both of you are okay with it, then it's fine. The problem is when one of you is thinking long-term.
  5. Food. Unless someone's fresh off the boat, so to speak, you shouldn't have that much of a problem with food compatibility. Most Chinese ladies in America are accustomed to local foods, but there may be some unique preferences that are likely to come up. Better now than later!
  6. Money. As far as this aspect is concerned, just follow normal dating protocol: the guy pays unless otherwise mutually agreed. While this is not an area you need to worry about, just be sensitive to the fact that your date may want to pay her own way.
  7. Language. This might be a barrier unless the lady has lived in America for a while. There are many couples who live together despite minor communication problems. For the most part, it's up to you to decide if you're okay with things the way they are as far as communication is concerned.

These are the biggest issues you may face. Seen in perspective, all of them can be resolved easily and without any kind of unpleasantness. The key is to know what to expect, and to anticipate the unexpected. All you need is a little bit of knowledge and a whole lot of sensitivity to make this work!