This Is How To Make A Woman Love You

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 This Is How To Make A Woman Love You
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5 secrets to winning her heart forever.

Women often tell me that their hearts would melt if they could just find a guy who really cared about a relationship. Sometimes, they say, it appears that men are indifferent — it’s like "deer in the headlights" when we talk to you and you just come off plain selfish.

I also hear from men that they are frustrated because they just don’t understand women. They say things like "What do you want from us?", "You’re confusing" or "Huh."

Ladies, perhaps we need to take a step back for a moment. Men are perplexed because we can give them mixed signals and sometimes, it just turns them off.

There are many reasons we can be a bit complicated at times, some of which include our own insecurities. We've been hurt and it jolts us to our core. That pain causes relationship mayhem and makes you guys want to run into your cave to safety from the storm.  

What a mess, huh? Well, do not fear because it’s time to give men a break!

Men, if you want to learn all the secrets on how to make a woman love you and keep her in your life, read on:

1. Do what you do best: being a guy.


Here’s a news flash — men are wired differently than women — X’s, Y’s and all. You're the hunters, protectors and strong.

You don’t typically like to complicate life. Women love to be loved, wanted, desired. It shows us that you care!

Here’s the catch, if you overdo it and come on too strong, it’s a giant turn off! A run for the hills and don’t look back kind of turn off. A block your social media kind of turn off. Use your male instincts and go after what you want by:

  • Making us a priority — how about top 3?
  • Introducing us to people in your life — doesn’t have to be family right away.
  • Taking us on dates alone and not in groups — that gets old.
  • Telling us we’re beautiful — we love it, even if we look embarrassed.
  • Doing nice little things for us sometimes — you’re great at wooing us

Are these activities natural for you and do you do them often? If you do, she will love it want to be yours forever.

2. Don’t come on too strong, sexually —​ at least, not at first.

Every woman is different with her sexual comfort so proceed slowly. Take the time to get to know us. Remember, it’s not a bad thing to discuss sex.

I don’t mean ruin the moment, but we appreciate when you care enough to check in with us about it, especially early on in the relationship. It shows that you're concerned for us, and any smart man knows that many women view sex as a mental and physical act

We realize that sex is important to you; it is to us too. However, if you really want to win and keep our heart, you have to accept that it will happen when it’s right — for both us.

3. Have a job (just being real here).


You know the joke — the hotter she is and the richer he is, the more we all can get away with.

Listen, most women realize they will be contributing financially in a marriage these days. At the same time, it’s no fun to be stressed and worried about money.

A confident woman doesn't want to take care of a man if he isn’t pulling his share too. It’s a huge turn on when a man has it together. We all have our down times and a great woman will stand by you through those. But, if it becomes a habit, she will be outta there!

4. Show her your confidence...it's a turn-on. 

There is nothing sexier than a confident man! I don’t mean a cocky man either. Let’s define what this means — you’re happy, stand by what you believe without being obnoxious about it, and you don’t put up with being walked on — not even by us.

A good woman really doesn’t want that. She wants you to show your sensitive side along with being strong and helpful. You’re well-rounded and just know that you’re a good man.

5. Communicate with her because women need to be able to talk with you. 


Communication is key. It’s how we’re wired and on some level, even if it’s not your thing, we do need to talk. If you make it a point to check in with us about our day, we’ll love you for it because it shows us you care. 

Women need to gain trust and feel emotionally secure, just like you do. Talking is how we do it and if a woman puts herself out there, we know you will eventually too.

Lastly, there are both men and women out there who are more suited to relationships. Only go after the ones who are ready for it. The insecure, immature, or emotionally distraught are not available for a healthy relationship right now.

If you bring these people into your life, you will be confused when you do the right things. A confident man doesn’t want this and knows he must move on.

When a good woman comes your way and you connect, you’ll be aware of it and you’ll know what to do to win her heart forever!

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