Host A Singles Valentines Day Dinner Party

Host A Singles Valentines Day Dinner Party
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Throw an event on February 14th that your single friends will love.

Being single on Valentine’s Day gives you the option to throw a Valentine's party and have a great evening with your single friends

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t have fun being single on February 14th. It’s the perfect holiday to celebrate your freedom! Last year, I decided to throw a singles Valentine’s Day party. I’m not single myself, but I was in Los Angeles and my husband was in New York on business. I have lots of single friends in LA and decided to host them all at my home. Some of the people who were hesitant about attending were happy that they came. We all had so much fun! One couple who met at my party really liked each other and are still dating.

Here are some easy tips for hosting a singles Valentine’s Day dinner party.

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*Organize a Guest List: Write down the names of all of your single friends that live close by, they could even bring another single friend. Have a positive crowd at the party who will be open to meeting new people.

*Play Matchmaker: Once you finish the list and get your RSVP’s, begin to figure out who would possibly be attracted to each other. Don’t tell your guests prior, “I have someone you should meet.” Let it be a surprise.

*Create a Seating Plan: Keep matchmaking in mind when it comes to the seating plan for the evening. Seat the people who you think will connect with each other side by side at the table. Put a name plate in front of each spot so people know its assigned seating.

*Change Seats: Part of the way through the evening, have everyone change seats. Perhaps half of your guests at one table can move to another table. It's a great way to meet more people.

*Present a Rose: Put one red rose in front of everyone’s dinner table setting. Nobody can say that they didn’t get a rose on Valentine’s Day.

*Make a Toast: Before you eat, stand up and announce a group toast. Thank all your friends for coming as well as for having the strength to be single. Many people stay in relationships even though they’re unhappy. This party is to celebrate everyone’s independence.

*Play Some Games: By the time dinner is over, everyone has gotten to know one another. This is a great time to introduce some games. Pick something that will get the group interacting with each other. “Pin the Tail on Your Ex” could be fun!

*Give a Gift Bag: Give everyone a fun gift bag. Throw in lots of fun heart-shaped goodies. Include a DVD of a funny break up movie. Find a local massage parlor and get them to give you some discount cards. 

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