How Cell Phones Negatively Affect Your Sex-Life

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Has your partner ever answered the phone during sex? Put a stop to it now and ramp up your sex life!

I was astonished to find that 1 in 5 people have answered the phone during sex. Since the average love-making session takes less than 15 minutes (foreplay included), 20 oercent of the population are either doing it all day long or they are major egomaniacs. What do you think? Either way, I think these offenders need a lesson in getting present!!

Think about it. Offender, what message are you sending to the person who is lying on top of you? Not only are you being completely rude, but you are shouting, with your non-verbal language, "I don't give a hoot about you!"

Now, if you are the person on the receiving end (no pun intended) of this rudeness, why the heck are you still there? Has this happened before? I'll bet it has because this behavior is indicative of a person who generally doesn't give a hoot about anyone else. If it hasn't happened with you in the room, you can be darn sure it has happened when someone else was there!

Speaking specifically to the ladies who have been in relationships with men who turn their attention off and on at the sight of shiny new ball or the familiar sound of their phone. How much longer are you going to stand for this?

Oh right... he is a really nice person, you share a home, you share children. Whatever! Do you have any self-respect? Are you going to insist on better treatment from this ignoramus? If not now, then when? Perhaps never, I say, because your problem is equal to his.

You see, your rude partner is simply distracted. Likely a very busy or popular person, he is afraid of missing out on an opportunity so the thought of having a call go to voice mail frightens the life out of him. The problem with you is that you accept this behavior as being "good enough" because you figure it’s the best you can get. Well, you are wrong!! Keep Reading...

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