Why Humor Is Sexy: A Zoosk Study

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Just how important is humor in dating and couplehood?

In honor of National Humor Month, Zoosk and I decided to test your funny bone and see just how important laughter is in relationships. Users of the romantic social network gave us insight into how much humor tickles their fancy for dates, mates and love. Below are the three most surprising humor study results and tips on how you can use this information to your flirting advantage.

1. Humor can be an aphrodisiac! 87% of men and 74% of women say that humorous flirtation can get them in the mood for sex.

In order to translate your wit into foreplay, aim for a playful and coy tone. Content matters, too. While it’s unlikely you’ll get your partner in the mood with knock-knock jokes, light teasing can set the stage nicely. But ultimately, you want to build sexual tension — and body language plays a big part in that. Go for subtlety in the beginning (like by leaning in conspiringly when you tell a joke) and slowly ramp up to more intimate moments (like whispering a teasing remark in your partner’s ear).

2. 43% of Americans prefer a partner who has a “goofy” sense of humor.

Humor is such an integral part of a couple’s dynamic. Goofy hilarity in particular often forces you to step outside of your comfort zone — after all, you can’t act silly and look perfect all the time! Sharing moments like these allow you to break through more barriers as a couple that other types of wit simply can’t, like sarcasm or self-depreciation. Therefore, goofy humor tends to actually add to the chemistry you’ve developed.

3. 64% of Americans agree that besides chemistry, a “sense of humor” is the most important quality for a successful relationship.

As an online dating coach, nearly every dater I meet with says sense of humor is an important quality in a match. But be careful of how you use it to attract a match online. If you’re going to create a witty profile, be consistent throughout — throwing in a few one-liners will come off as confusing. Also, adding “ha ha” is a “no no.” If you have to laugh at the end of your own joke to make it work, it probably isn’t funny. And phrases like, “someone who appreciates my sense of humor” is vague, unless your profile is funny in a particular way.

In the end, you’ll know you’ve met a good match when you develop a sense of humor that is unique to the two of you. And if you and your partner are already laughing in sync, we’d love to know: how did they first get you giggling? 

Complete Humor Survey results in infographic form.