'The Bachelor' Women Tell All: Bad Romance Makes For Good TV!

TV Love: The Bachelor & Women Tell All

What's better than 'The Bachelor'? The Women Tell All 'Bachelor' special!

The Bachelor's The Women Tell All special is always a Jerry Springer meets The Real Housewives kind of episode. It's about slinging dirt.

Drama time is here, and love doesn't have a whole lot to do with it. But since hindsight is 20/20, we can certainly see why Juan Pablo did not jibe with some of these women. And yep, we can learn from his mistakes. So, let's pull out the microscope and analyze what we can learn from this hot mess.

1. This crazy reality show does occasionally produce the desired result.

For all of its swelling music, roses, picturesque backdrops, exotic locales and lit candles, The Bachelor hasn't had a lot of success in the romance department. It's a reality show with entertainment the primary goal and successful relationships coming a (distant) second. But even in such contrived circumstances, love can happen.

We get to see the now happily-married Sean and Catherine to remind us of this (and hopefully, we will never hear "grown sexy" or about the honeymoon again). It is beyond imagination that a stingray latched onto Sean's privates during their time in Bora Bora. Talk about bad timing! As for their future, Sean & Catherine disclose that they'll enjoy being newlyweds for a year, then start trying for a baby. Let’s all say aw (and ow, for the stingray), dab a tear from our eye and move into the train wreck portion of our show.

THE LESSON: Love knows no bounds. It will come through one way or another ... even occasionally in a reality TV production.

2. If there is not mutual admiration, even to the point of blindness going on, it's not right.

A "judgy" outlook will not produce a soulmate. Apparently, a lot of these chicks really did not like Juan Pablo. They tear him apart and rag on him. Consequently, they're now rose-less at the WTA, not in the final two. Of course, he preferred the women who DO see him as a catch. In the preview for next week, we see Nikki and Clare mooning over J.P. They think he hung the moon. This is who you fall in love with! Someone who admires you.

THE LESSON: Find things to admire in your date. And wait for that one who admires you and thinks the world of you. It needs to be a mutual admiration society. And yes, love is blind.

3. Everyone got something out of it. Just maybe not a Latino hunk.

In the dating process, you learn what you like and what you don't like. You gain experience in how to handle situations. And you possibly will find a new friend, if not romance. On The Bachelor, the ladies got some free trips and some new friends.

  • Sharleen realized (as we've discussed before) that chemistry alone is not enough
  • Everyone learned that JP was different with some ladies than with others. With Andi, he wasn't that curious about her, but he wanted to know a lot about Sharleen
  • Renee got a "special connection" with Juan Pablo as fellow single parents and says she learned a lot and got confidence. And now, she's found someone. She’s in a "situation" (Yay! She SO deserves love)
  • Andi enjoyed the time with JP in fun places .... until she didn't. And (thank God), she learned she needs to speak up when things aren't right
  • The bloopers showed all the fun that was had beyond the dramz. And gave proof that our JP really did say "It's OK" way too much

THE LESSON: All dating experience has value. There is no wasted time. In hindsight, you can see why your journey took you where it did. And might I add that at the end of that sojourn, you can and will find love.

Next week, it's our final two showdown. In the previews, Juan Pablo's parents are blunt: Says Dad: "I'm telling you. He's not an easy guy." And Mom: "Sometimes, he's very rude." And we see both Nikki and Clare crying. Do you think he proposes? Is everlasting love with one of these gals in this hunk's future? Let's meet back here, and dissect our findings.

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