How Feminism Harms Women

How Feminism Harms Women

So here’s something that has nothing to do with relationships or men.

I got a note from a woman who said she’s a Feminist and not interested in what I teach about how to have a deeply loving relationship with a good man. But she was searching for help in the relationship arena, which tells me it’s not going the way she’d like. Duh! What this kind of woman doesn’t realize is that she’s sacrificing having a good relationship so she can be ‘right.’ That’s because Feminism pits women against men, where the women are trying to be better ‘men’ than the men. That doesn’t work for most men. Unless they’re wimps and enjoy being pussy-whipped.

But let’s talk about something else that is sacrificed by being a Feminist. Your health and well-being. So here’s something that has nothing to do with relationships or men.

What I’ve observed in my many years teaching women, is that a reason so many women are burned out and exhausted is because they’re in their ‘masculine energy’ 24/7. This is totally unnatural. Of course, you do have to be in your masculine energy part of the time. For example, when you’re taking care of a child or a parent, you’re in your masculine energy because you’re care-taking, protecting, ‘giving,’ which is masculine.

When you’re receiving in any way, you’re in your feminine energy. So being in masculine energy is just as natural for a woman as being in feminine energy. But it’s draining to be in it all the time. The workplace is masculine. So you’re required to be in your masculine energy during the day. The problem is, most women don’t realize they should, nor do they know how to, turn off their masculine and step into their feminine.

You see, what you need to realize is that when you’re in your feminine energy you can replenish your batteries, so to speak. So I recommend you be sure and allow yourself some time, specially when you get home from work, to slip into your feminine energy, the same way you might slip into comfy clothes. If you consciously set your masculine energy on a shelf, or put it in a drawer, and then do something that will allow you to give to yourself, a glass of wine, a meditation, dancing in your underwear, you will then be able to nurture yourself in a loving, feminine way.

I also recommend you do this before going on a date, or being with your husband, because men are repelled by a woman who is in masculine energy, basically in competition for ‘who is the better man.’ It’s just the way it is, and trying to get men to be different simply does not work.

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From my heart to yours, 

Kara Oh

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