Is Online Dating Making Us All Introverts?


Online Dating allows one to date alone without needing to go to public spaces.

If you've tried online dating, you've become more introverted. You may not think you have, but you have. Why? Very simple: today we can date at home instead of having to join friends at social environments to meet other hopeful singles. Now we can date online from the comfort of our home sitting in sweatpants. If we need a date, just log onto a dating site, send a few emails, and walah…pick the most worthy. Who needs real friends as wingmen when we have our keyboards?

Gone are the days of men bonding together to "get some women" at the local bar. Pre-online dating guys would shackle together, even if they didn't like one another, to get women. Guys are all about sports and women. Most bars play sports on the tele, and women come to bars to enjoy drinks with their friends. It was the perfect place for a man to annoy a woman into a first date opportunity. Guys would pretend to watch the game on TV to hit on a girl (sic). He'll fervently yell at the television, "I can't believe that play. Come on, ump!" and not even see the play 'cause he was staring at the rack on the woman at the jukebox. Then he'll mozy up to the jukebox pretending to enjoy whatever Nickelback song she is playing. This was before online dating. Now those guys date at home from their futons.

Introvert dating applies to women, albeit not as much as men, because women actually enjoy the company of their girlfriends (go figure) and aren't trying to "use them" to get a mate. Women might feel more comfortable dating online as they can control that environment more so than a bar/club, which has men swarming around like honeybees on fresh pollen. Men are savages. We will go out with a buddy only to replace him with anyone of the opposite sex.

Women enjoy catching up with friends, discussing the hottest gossip, and learning about the latest drama. Men want women. That's it. If we meet a girl, the night is a success. If we do not meet a girl, it's not a success. We aren't complicated. Those are the outcomes of the "mission". Internet dating can provide auspicious results for our caveman-type mentality.

Some women "don't get along with other women", although I don't understand that. How can you not get along with your entire gender? I've heard it often. Women who do not have a lot of girlfriends, aren't going out to bars and restaurants alone, so guess how they date? The Internet. A beautiful woman can post a few lovely pictures on a dating site and within a couple hours have enough men to date every night for three months. She doesn't even need to leave her house.

The single man is emailing the available woman, and both are alone at home.

Online/Introvert dating might be preferred for the productive person as well as the shy individual. The productive person doesn't want to spend an evening hanging out at the bars. Instead he or she can check dating profile emails in between projects and date around their busy schedule. Before online dating, this wasn't an option. Shy people by nature might feel more comfortable dating online as it tailors more towards their comfort with people.

Women often say "Guys don't approach me anymore". Why should a man have to approach you in person? That takes courage, it's much easier to type criteria into a dating site and email "you" online. If we don't find the exact woman, we'll find someone similar. Close enough. After we send some emails from the dating site we can go back to eating our favorite cereal…all alone in our apartment.

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