5 Ways To Impress Your Woman This Valentine's Day

5 Ways To Impress Your Woman This Valentine's Day

Looking to create the perfect Valentines Day? Here are five great ways to impress your woman.

Love it or hate it, there only one day each year devoted to impressing your loved one and treating them like the most special person in the world. One wrong move, and us men are in the dog house, paying for our sins until the end of time!  On the bright side, Valentine's Day as a great way to earn some bonus points, and show our partner's we care.  It is essential to make the most of this day. Above all, you only get one chance to do it right and every moment counts.


Let us take a look at 5 ideas that will inspire you treat your women like goddesses on Valentine's Day.

1. Make An Adventure Out of The Entire Day


Start off with breakfast in bed, then move onto the chocolates and flowers phase. After she has been inundated with roses, take her out to lunch or go for a picnic. The important thing to bear in mind, is to make her feel like a queen for the whole day. There is no rule against having fun as well, so go ice skating or do something that is both memorable and exciting. This can be followed by a romantic dinner and intimate evening. Additionally, surprising her with a gift or two wouldn't hurt either.

2. Massage


There is one word that says Valentine's Day like not other. No, that one word is not love, but it is the magical m word, massage. Nothing says Valentine's Day like laying next to your partner during a massage. Moreover, you two will be connected, relaxed and very glad afterwards that you decided to do this highly recommended couples activity.

3. Recreate Your First Date


If you can remember, in the beginning you were most likely more romantic than you are now. So, it is absolutely essential to get that feeling going again. Try to reconnect with your loved one in a way similar to when you two first met. Was there a special place, expression, saying associated with that day or anything else you can recall? Sometimes surprising her with the setting of your first date will get strong sparks to fly again.

4. A Path of Roses


Instead of making a path of roses that leads to the bed, try something new. Make a path of roses that leads from the bedroom into the kitchen. In the kitchen, have something special like a gift or two and some chocolate to surprise her. You can also add a dinner invitation to the assortment of gifts as well. Having more flowers there wouldn't hurt either, and you can even add more creative items to your pallet of gifts too. A path is just a beginning for what is to come. So, gentlemen, don't give up there but let that be a great start to a day permeated with surprise and endless happiness.

5. Think Outside The Box


Be wild, different and extraordinary on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, do something out of ordinary, such as taking a trip somewhere unexpected, or doing something together you both have never done before. Moreover, making a day special sometimes means providing her with moments of endless surprise and unexpected joy. And no, your good lucks will not suffice, instead treat her to a day at the spa, go on a retreat, take a long walk with some hidden surprises, or make a planned day of unexpected events happen.

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