Is Astrological Compatibility Real And Does It Matter In Love?

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Is astrological compatibility real, and does it matter in your love life? The answer is a little more complex.

Astrology is often maligned because it doesn't provide exact answers to issues in a person’s life — but it does give some guidance.

The best answer to the big questions about your love life is contradictory, because it can be "yes," "no," and "maybe."

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What is synastry in astrological compatibility?

The term "synastry" is used in astrology when it comes to relationships. It matches the natal or birth charts of two people together and then analyzes the placements of the planets in both charts.

The analysis can be detailed and exhaustive, but there's no guarantee that the matches in the charts will create a perfect union.

However, good synastry between people is a good start.

Finding clues to astrological compatibility in your birth charts. 

There are several clues for a potentially successful relationship. These can be found by analyzing planetary configurations between the rising signs and the personal planets in the charts of two people.

These planets include the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars — the aspects you look for are those with conjunctions, squares, and oppositions.

Rising signs and partnership compatibility.

Rising signs are a factor when it comes to compatibility, because this sign is the way you present yourself. You may have a different sun sign, but your rising sign is the area where you might draw attention.

The first impression you give a potential partner may just have the opposite rising sign than you. If this is a case, it's a big checkmark for positive compatibility!

The "personal planets" and your compatibility. 

The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all considered "personal planets" in astrology. 

Mercury is the planet of the way you think. It is always good to have a positive relationship with this planet, because it is considered a minor "malefic" or negative planet.

Keep Mercury happy, and you should be OK. It's nice when your way of thinking can work out issues with another person.

The sun and moon work well when they are conjunct or in opposition. A square aspect can bring "fun" to a relationship, but may not be the "glue" that keeps a union together.

A trine is an easy aspect that is nice to have, but doesn't bring a lot of energy for two people.

The best configuration for sun-moon aspects is for the feminine sun to be conjunct with the masculine moon.

Trines are OK with aspects of Venus and Mars, but the "magic" happens with conjunctions, squares, and oppositions in two charts. The energies of these planets make you want to grab your partner and possibly do foolish things with them!

Attraction is part of a lasting situation between people, and a Mars-Venus aspect secures it.

The "outer planets" and astrological compatibility. 

The "outer planets" in a chart are another story when looking at natal charts. They can be challenging areas in relationships.

The exception is Jupiter, which is always good even when it is retrograde.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can place obstacles for people, especially when they negatively aspect a personal planet.

Joytish or Vedic astrology and astrological compatibility. 

The Indian culture uses the Eastern system of Astrology called Joytish or Vedic Astrology for matchmaking.

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They continue to bring young people together, because the "aspects" in each of their birth charts indicate compatibility. The success of this method is surprisingly good when you consider two strangers coming together by Astrology.

A trained Vedic astrologer can make immediate comparisons that have been identified as significant when it comes to bringing people together for lifelong unions.

The system is complicated, because there are several factors and it can cost thousands of dollars to hire a qualified Joytish matchmaker. Nothing is absolute, but the practice has been accepted for centuries.

Matchmaking using Astrology is historically good when you consider the number of couples that have stayed together because of their parents finding their life mate. Other factors need to be considered, such as family and cultural pressure exerted on a matched couple.

A matchmaker uses the charts they have at their disposal and can only use the information given to them. Other charts, not available to them, may provide better matches. In addition, the misery that some of these marriages endure cannot be measured by Astrology.

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"Karmic relationships" and astrological compatibility. 

Relationships that are "Karmic" are ones that involve "Kismet." These relationships occur when each participant needs to learn lessons that were not learned in the past, or ones that have not yet been encountered.

These situations can be toss-ups when it comes to growth. Some people gain from difficult or quick-dissolving associations. They learn from them and look out for other relationships that could result in a similar outcome.

Karma and kismet make us wiser people and help us identify the real thing when it comes to love.

Those who are damaged from these relationships must learn the lesson of forgiveness. They must learn to take better care of their emotions in the future.

The harder the fall from a fated relationship can be an indicator that the lesson was not learned in the past, and the price for growth has become high.

This can be an indicator of an incurable romantic.

There's never perfection when analyzing two charts between lovers for astrological compatibility.

The most common situation is that some aspects are good, while others are challenging.

Astrologers can observe that relationships need to be interesting. A union with total astrological compatibility is boring, while one with too many obstacles in the unified charts will most likely fail.

Partners must offer each other something, and differing perspectives can give good results when both parties are flexible and willing to communicate.

It's advantageous to have individuals willing to work on issues together and find solutions that work for both.

Astrology can point the way, but it takes the people involved to activate the energy the aspects of their charts.

The choice to accentuate the positives and diminish the negatives needs to be the motivation of two people to have a lasting union. When one or both people are unwilling to work together in their partnership, problems naturally threaten their relationship.

The question of whether the use of astrology is worthwhile when discussing your love life depends upon whether you want to consider the aspects.

It can give you clues as to what areas of a potential relationship have to offer, but it remains up to the two people involved to make a romance work.

The question to ask would be, "Are you up for it?"

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John Cappello is an astrologer and practicing psychic medium. For more information or to arrange an appointment please go to his website.