Single? 5 Ways To Survive Wedding Season

Single? 5 Ways To Survive Wedding Season [EXPERT]

All year long you've placed the foil-lined invitation envelopes with your bare ring finger under a fridge magnet. Now, at last the time is upon you — it's officially wedding season. If all your friends are heading down the aisle this summer, you're going to need a single gal's game plan. Here's a survival guide to get you through feeling happy and fulfilled in spite of all the happily ever after around you. How To Rock The Hell Out Of Being Single

  1. Be picky. Just because second-cousin Ruth took the time to calligraphy your name on the invitation does not mean you have to RSVP "attending." One of the benefits to being single is that you (and only you) get to decide how to invest your time. Challenge your sense of obligation and decide to only attend the wedding celebrations that will make you truly happy.
  2. Watch your wallet. Being a wedding guest can be expensive. Multiple travel, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and gifts will deplete your bank account. Nothing will make you even more bitter than spending your vacation savings for someone else's big day. Generosity is wonderful, just don't do it at the expense of your own joy. Avoid going overboard and you'll decrease your chances of resentment when you see the duplicate KitchenAid mixer on the gift table.
  3. Pamper yourself. This is the time to feel your best. Do whatever it takes to walk into the reception feeling confident and beautiful. So go ahead, buy that fabulous clutch you've been eyeing. Better yet, make a list of the things you love about being single and carry it with you in your new bag. 10 Tips To Look Your Best For Wedding Season
  4. Find a wedding buddy. If you'll be hitting the wedding circuit solo, recruit a pal to join you. Not just any friend will do. Invite a friend that makes you feel good about yourself. You know, the one you have fun with no matter the occasion. Caution, don't drag along a mediocre date; this will only highlight singledom sorrows. If your go-to friend is not available, it's better to find a buddy at the wedding than bring along someone who brings you down.
  5. Plan for the aftermath. Statically speaking, the chances of being single for the rest of your life are slim. You will find someone. However, weddings will bombard you with reminders of your singledom. Panic and self-doubt can start to cloud your confidence. To avoid an after-wedding Sunday spiral, make plans to celebrate your freedom. Start your day with exercise, breakfast with girlfriends or spend the day lounging in your sweats revealing in the fact that you don't have to please anyone but yourself.

Being single will not last forever. If you start to feel like you are missing out, try and remind yourself of the unique opportunities you have right now to do what makes you happy with the people you love! Single Girl's Guide To The Pre-Wedding Season Funk

Author Jennifer Chappell Marsh is a Singles and Relationship Counselor in San Diego, CA.

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