5 Valentines Day Date Ideas For Frugal Parents

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... because parents on a budget deserve romance, too!

Sure, you adore your kids, but let's face it, they sure make it tough for you to enjoy a spontaneous sexual romp with their dad. So, if you are in the mood for some adult time this Valentines Day, here are five ways to fan the heat without splurging on a sitter or a fancy restaurant.

1. Sex for breakfast. Instead of waiting until dark, set up your romantic idyll as soon as the kids are off at school. Set up breakfast in bed with fresh sheets, rose petals and that impossibly sexy negligee. Include some sensual niceties like a bubble bath, languid conversation or champagne, and get sweaty in the daylight. What could be more romantic?

2. Flip days. Valentines Day has this annoying habit of showing up during the work week. Why not celebrate on the weekend instead? Plan for the kids to have a sleepover while you have your own, either at home in front of the fire or at a hotel a close to home. Set up a tray of sensual delights: oysters, crab, caviar on toast or marcaroni balls and martinis.

If you don't have grandparents nearby to watch the kids, find some friends and barter; one weekend you watch their kids, and the next weekend they watch yours.

3. Crafting hearts. Teach your children about the importance of romance. We all need more of it in our lives. They can prepare a fire, shape your favorite foods with love or prepare dinner trays.

Have them craft paper heart chains and pick flowers from the garden. Introduce something symbolic, like a heart and key to decorate the trays, which you can reuse every year to mean that Mom and Dad are having a Valentines Day feast on a tray in private with the door locked.

Maybe hang a paper heart and key on the door knob, and the kids get to watch a favorite movie with dinner on a tray sans parents. You have two hours of pillow talk over candlelight, and they get to hang out like its a holiday. After lights out, you can enjoy the fruition of that spoken seduction.

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