Cooking is Just as Sexy as a 6-pack; According to Study

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How Cooking Together Helps A Relationship

Traditional gender roles no longer apply in the kitchen

Cooking is sexy! Although a good education is the number one turn-on (see stats below), Americans are just as turned on by cooking skills as they are by a nice body according to a survey from HelloFresh of over a thousand adults, 485 men and 522 women 18-70 years of age living in the continental United States.

  • Having a good education is important, as 46% of Americans say that is their biggest turn- on. Women are significantly more likely than men to feel this way (52% vs. 41%). In addition, Millennials are more likely than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to be turned on by a good education (59% vs. 40% vs. 40%).
  • However, one in five (19%) say someone that is a good cook turns them on the most – on. Women are significantly more likely than men to feel this way (52% vs. 41%). In addition, Millennials are more likely than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to be turned on by a good education (59% vs. 40% vs. 40%). which is the same amount who are most turned on by a nice body.

Furthermore, Jason Silver, Professional Dating Coach and Founder of We Just Match,  quotes Gary Chapman's The 5 Love Languages, stating that one of the 'love languages' is, "an act of service and cooking and providing a meal for a partner is a intimate act of service that shows care and consideration. It is not only romantic but also a form of fulfilling the other person's need for love and affection." Another love language cooking with your significant other satisfies is that of quality time. Combining the act of service with preparing and dining together is a "a great tool to make a relationship stronger and is quite attractive in a partner!"

But when it comes to who is actually doing the kitchen, long gone is the stereotype of the 50s housewife with an apron on preparing a meal for her husband when he returns from work. In fact according to this study, eighty-five percent of Americans say cooking is both the man and woman’s responsibility in a relationship. A man who can take control in the kitchen and not have to resort to just nuking something in a microwave, is a mixture of, "relief, comfort and sex appeal, especially if he can be creative and bring a dish together from scratch," says Amber Kelleher-Andrews, relationship expert and CEO of A-list matchmaking firm Kelleher International. Creativity in the kitchen is a very important attribute for a man as, "being able to cook a tasty and unique gift will help a man impressing a woman and standing out from the crowd," says Mauro D'Andrea, Dating Coach and Founder of Efficacious Seduction.

And to be able to turn on your significant other in the kitchen, "learn your way around some kitchen essentials," says Dani Meyer,  Food Blogger & Recipe Developer,  "a man who knows his way around his kitchen will leave any woman impressed. You don't need to go out and buy a whole kitchen store but having good essential tools and knowing your base recipes by heart is crucial to being able to easily and effortlessly prepare a meal".

That means items like the All-Clad TK collection, a Williams-Sonoma exclusive, a nice pot set that reflects the philosophy that any cookware collection should include a mix of materials intended for specific tasks and good knives like a CLASSIC set from Wüsthof, etc. Knowing your way around knives, like the difference between an 8-inch Cook's Knife (also known as a Chef's Knife) - which is good for prepping all kinds of ingredients, especially root vegetables like carrots and onion - and a 3.5-inch paring knife - perfect for close-hand tasks, such as peeling and coring pears and apples, and mincing aromatics that are small, such as garlic, ginger and shallot - shows your date that you are not only competent and knowledgeable, but also daring and un-afraid to show off your knife skills. 

And don't worry, you don't need to be a master chef in the kitchen. Even just a little bit of confidence goes a long way. The ability to "whip up a delicious meal is a statement many women can appreciate," says Chef V of Cozymeal. Women appreciate a man who doesn't need "GPS to navigate their way around the kitchen, as one who takes charge and isn't shy while cooking is an attractive quality to possess."

And not only do women find a man who cooks sexy, "if he cleans up afterwards it can actually act like an aphrodisiac for her which offers an added bonus for each of them," says says Christine Baumgartner Dating and Relationship expert and creator of The Perfect Catch. "She feels additionally cared about and as a result she'll probably want to have sex with him."

By: Jarone Ashkenazi