This Fun Date App Enables Clients To Fall In Love Over & Over Again

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zealii provides easy access date itineraries to established couples, based on their interest.

When looking for fun date ideas for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife , there are plenty of websites to search through. But if you are like zealii and @zealiidate founder Toree McQueen, you spend more time reading reviews than actually going on one of the Top 10: Summer Date Ideas or 10 Healthy Date Ideas. She wanted something easier. Someone to, “plan everything for [her] so [she] could enjoy the time with [her] husband.”

Toree McQueen is a momprenuer with a background in marketing and sales. Her passion for people and new experiences has led to zealii and the desire to promote healthy and fresh relationships.

1. What is zealii?

zealii is an online (and future mobile) application that provides easy access date itineraries to established couples, based on their interests, proximity and budget. zealli keeps relationships fresh and makes dating easy again.

2. How did your background lead you to founding zealii?

I’m married with two boys under three-years-old. I love trying new things and traveling with my husband and family; however, it’s tough to dedicate the time to planning. My husband and I would end up relaxing on the couch with a bottle of wine after a long day and call it a “date.”

Ultimately, I wanted to find a quick, easy solution for us to come up with ideas.

3. How did zealii start?

I started this because I’m a moma and a wife, and I was working a lot during the week. I wanted someone to plan my dates for me! zealii’s original focus was solely customizing and planning dates for couples.

We met Tim Morris, the VP of Business Development for Mobisoft Infotech, an award winning application developer out of Houston, TX, who is developing our mobile application right now. He saw the vision for how an app can improve relationships and marriages across the globe. Tim brought in the micro-industry model we are executing (a combination between, Uber, ClassPass and Groupon), which makes us very unique in the industry. From there, zealii was born, and we are going 100 miles an hour each day to get things started.

4. How is zealii going to "revolutionize the dating world for couples?"

zealii is making dating easy again by providing hand selected and simple date options while also giving the opportunity for someone to completely outsource their date planning. Couples provide their availability, and we will be able book their reservations for the date. We make it so easy for couples to get back out and be spontaneous again.

Couples get comfortable. Our hope is that couples start allowing us to create these dates for them and decide for them so that they can create that magical spark in their relationship like they had in the beginning of their relationship. Our mission is to create and deliver experiences that make our clients fall in love over and over again... and in doing so, they will continue to date because of that feeling.

5. Describe how the decision-making paralysis affects couples?

It’s easy to fall back on what’s comfortable than to try something new. People have a tough time making a decision when it comes to trying something new — especially when you are trying to agree on a decision. Instead, they spend hours trying to think of ideas, continue to research those ideas, talk the other person out of it, and then, never come to a conclusion. It’s easy to put the kids to sleep and enjoy your favorite show together. We’re trying to make that decision easier, or even non-existent for couples. We hope that opens up room for spontaneity.

6. What are the differences between the free and premium membership options?

The free memberships allows the couples to browse date itineraries by date category (romantic dates, active dates, casual dates, lunch dates, etc.) and book the itinerary.

The premium membership also has the same itinerary options, but will also provide the couple with their own personal date concierge (See the LE below). That concierge will plan one custom date itinerary per month that is specific to the couples needs and wants. The day of the month will be predetermined by the couple, but the itinerary will not be released until a day or two before the date day to add an element of surprise. I think that adds excitement and takes you out of your comfort zone; that leaves room for extraordinary things to happen.

The dating concierge is similar to a personal stylist — they create opportunities with an outsider perspective that allows you to try new things that may be outside your comfort zone.

7. When are you launching zealii?

We are beta testing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in August. We will scale to three more cities in October 2015 with a mobile application. We will have a full launch in January 2016.

8. What are plans for expansion?

We will be expanding to three more cities this fall, and then an undetermined amount in January 2016.

We will be hiring (what we call) Lifestyle Entrepreneurs (LE) to plan the dates and create relationships with the couples. We chose that name because we want these people to focus on their passions and own a piece of the company. They will have the opportunity to earn reoccurring revenues with businesses they bring on, as well as premium couples they manage. It will be a very selective hiring process as we want to ensure quality dates and relationships.

9. Any partnerships lined up?

We are building relationships all over. We are currently working closely with Every Marriage Matters on their Date Night PDX event here in Portland. We will be using their audience as our beta test. We also signed up several local businesses to be featured in the date itineraries and will continue to do so in every city.