Asking Yourself The Right Questions

Love, Self

Focusing on the good stuff is how real change happens.

The latest Facebook craze is taking a quiz to find out which super hero, favorite TV teacher or Downton Abbey character you are.  It’s the same idea as those magazine tests we all love to take.

1. What kind of lover are you?

2. Are you the life of the party?

3. What kind of parent will you be?

At the end of the day, these quirky little escapes just might give you some insight as to why little Susie is an Orange is the New Black inmate, but let’s be honest, they don’t really mean much. They’re fun to take because they get to the heart of the matter and we know not to take them too seriously.

But, the ones about money aren’t quite so much fun because we just don’t think there’s anything funny about money and taking a quiz to tell us we spend too much, save too little, or that we’re a penny-pinching miser is tough to ignore or get out of our head.  Since we already feel like crap when it comes to money — do we really need a test to tell us why?

But what if the money quiz told you what you did right with money — would that pique your interest? What if instead of telling you what a dysfunctional money manager you are, it told you what your natural style with money was? Now, that would be different, wouldn’t it?  It’d be like putting on your favorite jammies or jeans; you could snuggle in and feel all warm and fuzzy. Following some good old Mr. Roger’s wisdom just might sink in!

That’s the way real change happens. Behavioral experts agree that any long-lasting change be it about health, diet or money succeeds best when it’s self-motivated and rooted in positive thinking — not so easy in our shame-provoking, guilt-ridden financial world. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  CPA Jane Honeck and Psychotherapist, Spencer Melnick of The Money Dynamic believe the starting point is discovering what you do well by taking a simple money quiz. Their money program uses those results to apply the scientific knowledge that operating from what we do best is how we can change.

Because face it, your natural money style does have benefits or you wouldn’t keep using it.  Do you wake up in the morning saying “I wonder how I can screw up my finances today?”  Of course not!  Uncovering your money style and what motivates you is the answer.  Founder, Jane Honeck says, “we all have personal experience with this simple theory: ‘the more you try to become what you’re not, the more you remain the same.’ Every time we vow to spend less or save more we prove it again and again because we just can’t sustain it. But when you feel good about what you’re already doing well, you can be optimistic and motivated and move toward long-term, lasting change.”