3 Reasons It's TOTALLY Fine If You're Settling For Mr. Right Now

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3 Secrets You MISS Looking For Mr. Right

There's value in being with the wrong man.

It's a given that you want to find and date Mr. Right. I get that. However, I want to take a moment to point out the value of dating Mr. Right Now.

There are at least 3 reasons that it's OK if you're settling for Mr. Right Now:

1. You're not currently dating Mr. Right.


This is obvious. However, common knowledge is not always common practice. The universe responds to momentum, it helps you when you take action.

This brings up the issue of practice. The first reason to date Mr. Right Now is that you need the practice. It's much easier to practice being yourself with someone who isn't perfect and working out your dating kinks (yes, we all have them), instead of waiting until you meet someone who is perfect.

2. We always date the right wrong person until we get the lesson.


Never underestimate the power of dating the wrong person right now.

Everyone brings us a lesson, even the biggest heartbreak is planting the seeds of a greater love. Everyone who walks with us, even for the shortest of times, is a gift.

3. The wrong man may become the right man.


It's human nature to blemish and find fault in people. It helps us feel safe and avoid the discomfort of being vulnerable.

The irony of dating Mr. Right Now is that oftentimes, he becomes Mr. Right by walking with you. Every Mr. Right I've ever heard of has one key ingredient: character.

Character takes time to grow on you. This means that no matter who we meet, there's no guarantee they are Mr. Right. In making the case for dating Mr. Right Now, I want to share with you the only two things you need to look for right now: A conversation that doesn't end and a man with the ability to make and keep agreements. In my experience, that's enough for right now.

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