Worst Anniversary Gifts For Men


Don't chance ruining the relationship with bad gifts. We tell you what to give your guy instead.

While everyone enjoys receiving gifts, it's important the joy continues after the package is actually unwrapped. When you want an anniversary gift that tells him, "I'm so glad that you're my guy," steer clear of these five worst anniversary gifts for men and consider some alternatives along the same lines to create a really memorable anniversary for you both.

1. Ironic gifts or gag gifts. Sure, you both have a good chuckle when a singing bass appears on TV but your anniversary is about shared romance, not just shared laughs. Stay away from his and hers "Stupid" and "I'm With Stupid" shirts or the toilet-shaped coffee mug. If you can't imagine an anniversary that doesn't include humor, pick up a pair of tickets to a comedy club and make it a special night of laughs.  

2. Kitchen appliances. Do you compete with the Food Network for your husband's attention? While an immersion blender or countertop panini grill might seem to fit his interests, you're likely to have better luck if you remember to put the "man" in "romance." What about a fancy new grill for the back patio or some new power tools? While a table saw isn't the usual way to cut a sandwich, it's certainly something he'll feel good showing off to his friends.  

3. Sporting goods. Nothing says, "I see that belly you're growing," quite like sporting goods as an anniversary gift. If your hubby loves a good game with his friends, a new soccer ball or baseball bat makes a great birthday gift. For your anniversary, stick to things that make him feel appreciated. Look into memorabilia for teams or players he loves or tickets to a game he can't usually attend. 

4. Boys night out. "If you love something, set it free," is not a good motto for your anniversary. Sometimes life gets in the way and work or other obligations will keep you apart on your anniversary but it's a special day for both of you and one worth sharing. If a romantic dinner feels old hat, why not make your anniversary an adventure? Try kayaking, a romantic weekend getaway or find a gym that offers indoor rock climbing. Keep reading ...

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