7 Secrets of Seduction


The things women find literally irresistibel.

Statistically more partners call it quits Valentines day because men mangle women's expectations so badly. Instead of blowing it, here's how to set yourself up for the best night of the year. (Trust me, she's hoping for the same thing as you ...)

Here's 7 pointers to ensure you end up where you both intend:

  1. Don't Delay The Day

Valentine's Day cannot be postponed. Even if she says, "No problem," she'll resent you when she sees flowers being delivered to someone else.  

  1. Buy Her Roses

It doesn't need to make sense or be practical—the way you feel about her likely defies explanation too. 'Practical' is you buying them two days before to avoid the 4x price increase.

  1. Get Her A Gift

Maybe it feels like you should be done with the roses, but you're not. You still need to pick out a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it does need to be meaningful. 'Practical' will practically kill her mood, so figure out something that proves you listen to her when she talks about what she enjoys.

  1. Make It A Talking Date, Not A Movie

What she wants most from you is (maybe sit down for this...) an engaging conversation. This isn't you describing your week, upcoming projects, friends or kidsthis is a night when you ask questions and let her talk about her

(And if you ignore this and insist on a movie, get something with Ryan Gosling in it like The Notebook or Crazy Stupid Love. If you're going to take it easy on the planning, at least give her something easy on the eyes.)

  1. Be Original

Avoid your usual spots and go somewhere different. It shows her you've put some thought into it and makes her feel special. If you need ideas check out Yelp or UrbanSpoon for their ratings of diner feedback and general costs. Call them up to see if they need a reservation, so you're not feeling the fool on the big night.

*Check in with her best friend for ideas.

  1. Dress Up

Shower, shave, deodorant, cologne and fresh clothes. You have no idea how a pair of nice socks and polished shoes makes a woman feel—it tells her you're thinking of all the details and makes her want to do the same.

  1. Give Her Something Written

Writing something by hand or finding a card that captures how how you feel will mean more than a box of chocolate.

Women perceive adoration through what they hear. She knows you experience adoration through your eyes and the more she hears the date is special to you the more she'll work on showing you it's special to her.

Every woman deserves to feel like she's special to someone. There's nothing saying that you need to do all of these. You don't have to do any of them, but if you want to avoid a disappointing night, you need to do something for the day that's more than she expected.

To paraphrase the Bard (Tone Loc): "Treat her like a Queen and she'll make you her King, which gets to the Wild Thing."

*Bonus Tip: Save the chocolate for later. Instead of strawberries & chocolate syrup or strawberries and whip cream, try strawberries & chocolate pudding. You'll impress her with your creativity and it comes off skin with just one lick. ;)

You weren't born to be ordinary so don't settle. Men rise to whatever standard you set. Read more by Graham R White at What Evolved Women Want.

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