Manspeak: 10 "Dude-isms" Translated


There are times a man might be a little vague in order to avoid having to talk about certain things.

By SMF Marcus Osborne for GalTime.com

I think it's fair to say that, in general, men are more straightforward than women. Ask a guy if he likes your hairstyle and he'll give you a solid "Yes" or "No." There's usually not a deeper explanation for those answers. A man's statements are what they are: simple, straightforward and to the point.

BUT there are those times a man might be a little vague (or dare I say misleading?) in order to avoid having to talk about things. Here are a few of the more popular "Dude-isms" along with their translations.

10 "Dude-isms" Translated

1. He Says: "You deserve someone better than me."

Translation: I've enjoyed having sex with you on a semi-regular basis, but the thrill is gone and now I'm looking for someone new to get horizontal with.

2. He Says: "Whatever."

Translation: This is the argument-ender. Basically, guys drop this little bomb when they know they're right about whatever it is you're fighting about. BUT at some point you man realizes that this fight won't be ending anytime soon and he's had enough-- so he says "Whatever."

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3. He Says: "Oh of course I didn't forget. Not at all."

Translation: He actually DID forget your birthday, anniversary, appointment, or whatever you asked him to do for you.

4. He Says: "Of course she's pretty… but she's nowhere near as hot as you, sweetie."

Translation: She is WAY hotter than you. You know it, and he knows it, but it's a great way for him to slip in a compliment to you.

5. He Says: "She's just an old friend."

Translation: I had sex with that woman at some point.

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6. He Says: "Great meeting you. I'll call you tomorrow."

Translation: I'll call you tomorrow unless I meet someone hotter than you.

7. He Says: "How hungry are you tonight, honey?"

Translation: I call this a "boundary setter." Basically, your guy wants to make sure that A) the place you choose to have dinner has an all-you-can-eat salad bar and B) when his steak arrives, he wants to know that you don't go picking at his plate because you already said that you weren't that hungry.

8. He Says: "I'm just going to stay up a little while longer to watch the news, babe."

Translation: I'm going to check out a little internet porn.

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9. He Says: "I want to take things kind of slow."

Translation: I'd really like to have sex with you, but I'm afraid you might want a commitment.

10. He Says: "Do you need me to do that right now?"

Translation: He doesn't want to do whatever you asked him to do. What he really wants to say is, "Can't YOU do it?"

What are some of the dude-isms that just drive you crazy? Am I stereotyping too much or am I right on? Let us know!

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