5 Legit Reasons Brad And Angie Are Basically Just Like You And Me

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are just like you
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They experience heartache, too. Don't forget it.

OH, no say it ain’t so! No way one of my favorite Hollywood couples, Brad and Angie are splitting. Then again it is Hollywood. What to believe and what not to believe in the media is always the question, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

Just last week, one of the trash rags was reporting the same story: disagreements over the kids and allegations of cheating. So, what does that mean for them? I think it means there are a lot of kids, and anytime you introduce kids into the romance, just like the rest of us, there are disagreements.

They are people just like the rest of us only they have a brood to rival the Duggars. Even though they have nannies and help, children are still children, which means there is a demand for their time and affection. Just like the rest of us, it means less time for our spouse


In a way, even though they chose this lifestyle, which affords them a life you couldn’t dream up, it's still hard on them. They need empathy. They are away from each other when filming for long stretches. You have to feel bad for that lack of time spent with a loved one.

Relationships take time and effort, which is something in short supply when you are in demand like they are. It means they are just as frazzled as the rest of us in their daily life although, they have nicer homes, go to better parties, and enjoy perks that we couldn’t imagine.

For the record, I am Team Brad. That woman seems nuts, although she does lots of good for others. No one is all bad, but I still remember the vial of blood around her neck and kissing her brother that year at the Oscars. Who could forget that nuttiness?! We know celebs can be eccentric, but that was really weird. He probably needs some weed just to stay calm around her.

Anyway, Brad was always known for smoking a little pot. That doesn’t mean he has a substance abuse problem. Allegations of anger and drugs? Puh-leez! Not that hottie.

The thing is, neither of them should have to change for the other. This could be nothing more than him telling the kids to put the toys away or taking away their iPad for something they did or didn’t do.

As in all Hollywood relationships (except for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman), it all comes out in the wash. Soon we will know the short version of what drove them apart. I'm sure there will be a long list of people standing in line for a date. They won’t have any problems there. She can still be weird and he can still do whatever it is he does. They don’t need to change for anyone.

And these are the 4 reasons why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's relationship is just like yours:

1. They have kid problems.


They fight over the kids and disagree just like the rest of America. You have to be on the same page regarding children or it will damage your marriage. My husband and I can’t even agree on discipline for our dog and they have six children. You know there is going to be problems.

2. They are jealous of their spouse, no matter how beautiful the other is.

They might not be your type, but you cannot deny either was blessed in the gene pool. Really, Angelina, if allegations of cheating are true or not, you need to worry. You know how you two met. How can the rest of us forget?

3. Breaking up gets nasty sometimes and her implying he is an unfit father doesn’t get any nastier.


I don’t care who your damn lawyer is with those accusations. Lots of people’s divorce drama turns your spouse into Lucifer. Play nice Angelina! Your children are going to read it all later.

4. They are going to bounce back just like the rest of divorced couples.

Only difference between you and them is that they are in the spotlight and it will be hard to live it down. I can see the National Enquirer following them now just to snap a photo on a date with someone new and compare.

5. Relationships require time and effort.


Your relationship does and so does their union. The only difference is they have less time probably than you with such prolonged absences working on a film. I am sure they are lonely the same way everyone else is when they are missing their spouse.

They experience heartache, too. Don't forget it.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get any nastier and the two of them are able to work it out!

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