10 Ways You Know You Have Found "The One"

10 Ways You Know You Have Found "The One"

How do you know the person you are dating is "the one"?

I've heard numerous single clients talking about seeking "the one". What is "the one" that they are referring to? In my opinion, people mean the person who they feel confident about spending the rest of their life with. I think most people are searching for this kind of person, regardless of what they may tell others. So let's say you've found someone special in your life, how do you know that they are the one person for you? Here's a top ten list to help guide you:

Top 10 Signs You're Dating Your Person

10. The sex is incredible. You have never experienced such intense or frequent orgasms, or had the desire for sex in such different positions or locations...and etc., you get the point. Fact is, sex is as much mental as physical, so if you're deeply connected to your partner, the sex will be good.

9. You can talk for hours without being bored. Lifelong compatibility is about having a lot of common interests and having good communication.

8. You can be silent for hours without being bored. Even better than good conversation is good silence. It shows that you are truly comfortable together.

7. You lose all sense of logic and reason. You crave to be together all the time or you start thinking about marriage and/or children way before it is socially acceptable. You just feel like you want to dive head first into the relationship and be with your partner always.

6. You can confidently say you have never felt this way before. If other loves paled in comparison to this one, you might have just found true love.

5. You have similar life goals. You both want to start a family, start a business together, go sailing around the world, or whatever. Love alone isn't enough; you need to have common life goals.

4. When you look into the future, you can see them in your plans. When you find yourself thinking about having a family, being older, moving to another city, or starting a new job, your lover is always there, prominent in your future thoughts.

3. You have the desire to satisfy their needs over and above your own. You are interested in them as people, interested in their dreams and passions, their fears and worries. You want to be there for them and you hold their happiness above your own. For more info on this, look at my "What is Love?" article.

2. You want to share yourself as much as possible. You can't wait to introduce them to your friends and family, show them old pictures, and take them to your favorite places.

1. You love and appreciate them for their weaknesses as much as for their strengths. We all have strengths and weaknesses. However, you don't feel critical of your partner for any of their weaknesses. In fact, you appreciate their differences as being unique characteristics, which make them the individuals they are.

Take a look at this checklist. If you find yourself checking off at least 7 or more of these items, you may just have found yourself "The One"! Save yourself the need for sex and couples therapy in the future and make sure you are making a commitment to your true life partner.

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