My Top 10 Recommended Books From 2013


Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee shares the ten books she recommends from 2013.

In 2013, I read more than 150 books. Of them, I like to recommend you ten books.

10) For Men Only

This is for men who find women difficult and complicated to understand. It is the result of hundreds of interviews, as well as a national scientific survey that was done in the U.S.

Even though it's a book written based on a lot of research in the U.S., but I found it's very insightful and it does resonate with me. I do agree with many of the things of that the book says.

9) The Happiness Project

Gretchen Rubin was at the crossroads of her life and she found that she was not happy and she was not unhappy. She decided to embark on a personal project of months where she explored different aspects of what would make her happier.

It's written from her personal perspective and you'd find a lot of what she's going on in her head. I found it entertaining, real, and useful at the end of the day because she made some concrete recommendations.

8) The 8 Traits of Couples Who Thrive

This book is practical, it has exercises and it's a lot of learning, got questions to guide you through. So I really recommend it for couples. It's like a great workbook for couples.

If your partner doesn't want to read or your partner's not into reading, you can read and then facilitate it with your partner. Just don't fight. Wink.

7) For Women Only

This is the same author for the book, For Men Only. However, this is really written for women to understand men. In fact, this was the first book of this author that I read and this was actually the second time I read this book because the first time, I'm just not taking it seriously. This time it made a whole lot more sense as I was in a different place.

6) The Sex-Starved Marriage

As the title implies, this is for a couple who has sexual desire discrepancy - when one person wants more sex than the other. The one who's frustrated may find this book most useful.

However, this book also has a chapter on couples who are feeling stressed because the partner is demanding and asking for sex all the time and they don't know how to cope.

I agree with everything in the book. I found it very insightful and this is definitely something that a lot of the couples come to me for.

5) How One Can Bring the Two of You Together

I like this book because there are couples who find their partners very shut down, don't really want to do anything and they're not happy.

This book talks about taking ownership and how one person can make a difference and I do agree with it. In fact, this book has lots of experiments that you could try to make things better. Because end of the day, if you have tried everything that you can think of, then perhaps you need ideas.

4) Start With Why

This is a work-related work. However, whatever applies at work can also apply to our personal lives if you think deeper. Why is it that some people and companies are more innovative, more influential, more productive, more profitable, more successful?

The intention has everything to do with the execution. By getting deeper, it is possible the difference to be felt.

3) The Introvert Advantage

This book clicked with me because I'm an introvert. It was so useful because it helped me understand who I am. Also, it talked about the difference between shyness, sensitivity, and introvert.

It also has tips about how an extrovert can understand how introvert is and the kind of space the introvert might crave to have.

2) The Story of Alec

I got this book because I'm his friend and I wanted to support Hongjun. However, when I read this book, it really struck a chord in me the five locks mentioned in this book: The standard lock, approval lock, self-preservation lock, settling lock, expectation lock.

We do feel trapped, whether it's real or not. There's an element of needing a big thing, conformity.

1) The Untethered Soul

This is a spiritual book but it is all-powerful because it just summarize everything that I feel and I have gone through in the last ten over years of my personal, spiritual awakening, and development.

Even for those people who are completely new to anything relating to the inside, this book is just so profound. So insightful, profound, it's beautifully-written so this is definitely the number one book that I have to recommend you.

And so that's all; all ten books that I have to recommend you of, the 151 books that I read in 2013.

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