5 Playful Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Your Spouse

Valentines Day Ideas: 5 Playful Ways To Spend Valentines Day

Get frisky with your partner by role playing … with accents!

In today's world, there's so much to do and so much information to attend to. Clearly, all of this affects the quality of your partnership. And when you add this to the aleady natural flow of relationships where people tend to take each other for granted, and it's likely a couple will start to feel disconnected from one another.

As a relationship expert, this feeling of disconnection is one of the biggest complaints I hear. It wasn't always that way and likely, you can't even remember how it happened or exactly what happened. Well, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it serves as a great time to snap us out of our busy lives and remind us that it's important to pay attention to our significant other. 

There are some basic tools that will help you bring back the good feelings you had in the beginning of your relationship. Simply put, they boil down to again doing what you did at the start. You want to show appreciation, pay compliments, and actively listen to your mate. Why? Because each of these let your partner know that he or she matters. Doing any and all of these are important to do ... and do all the time. These are foundational behaviors.

Newer research clearly indicates that novelty is really important for keeping your marriage strong. Given all the stress and burdens you're carrying, why not re-introduce a little playfulness in your marriage? Has it been so long since you've played that you can't imagine anything to do? If that's the case, don't worry. Below are five ideas that will help you and your partner rediscover just how playful you can really be with each other. 

1, Role Play

Plan to meet your partner at a bar, each of you dressed up as someone other than yourself. Now flirt and "meet" each other for the first time. Then, enjoy the rest of the evening as strangers.

2. Communicate Differently

Have dinner together, put the cell phones away and have a conversation. However, use a foreign dialect and have fun with it. You can be the Natasha to his Boris and or even the Catherine to his William. Anything goes when you're having a good time. 

3. Swing

No — you're still staying with your partner! Visit a local kid's playground and go on the swings. Make sure you take in the sensation of the wind against your face. Then take the feeling of playfulness home with you and enjoy the rest of your evening. 

4. Two-Step 

All too often, you forget about dancing unless you're invited to a special event like a wedding. Since no one's watching, put some music on and let the good vibes take you over. Dance to whatever music makes you and your partner confortable. 

5. Pillow Talk

Snuggle into bed but become playful by hiding under the covers and telling each other funny stories. Make it even sillier by bringing a flashlight with you. Tickling is also permitted. In fact, it's encouraged! 

At first, it might seem a bit awkward to do these ideas or something similar. That's because it's been a while since you've acted this way. However, once you get started, it will take no time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Bringing playfulness into your marriage is both fun and an asset to helping the strong connection between you!

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