5 Steps To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Really Want

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Sometimes people need to hear something many times before it clicks. Maybe this article will help!

Are you intrigued by the Law of Attraction? You might be hesitant to embrace it even though people you know well are enthusiastically convinced there is merit to all the hype. 

Sometimes people need to hear something many times before it clicks. Maybe this article will be the nudge from the Universe to start applying it in your life. What you don't know is this: the Law of Attraction is working 24/7, whether you believe in it or not. Yes, you are influenced by the Law of Attraction every minute, and it's just a matter of choosing to use it to learn how to be happy.

The truth is, "You experience what you believe. If you don't believe that you experience what you believe, then you don't, which still means the first statement is true." —Harry Palmer

This article is an overview of the Law of Attraction principles. Surprisingly, the Law of Attraction is quite easy; using a few basic principles, you can assist the Universe to attend to your desires more effectively. By practicing these basic principles you prevent your Self from getting in the way or unknowingly sabotaging your Self. I will explain about sabotage!

Recently, I stubbed my second toe on a table leg. I have walked around that table at the end of the sofa hundreds of times in the past eleven years. Why now? Knowing that nothing transpires by accident or coincidence, I wondered, what is the message? The next morning during meditation, I asked. Within a second these words dropped into my mind, "You are still muscling what you desire to come to fruition." OH—busted!! I am working on a major project that has many aspects and I am looking for any angle to push it forward faster. Chagrined, I acknowledged to myself, I had angst about it taking too long, albeit I thought I had stopped. Oh, sneaky me...I simply deluded myself. My trust issues got in my own way!

These are the five most common ways people sabotage the Law of Attraction:

  1. You forget to practice what you know. This might sound silly, but many people who know the principles think it's a great idea and yet then continue doing exactly what they've always done. Einstein said, "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity." When I deluded myself that my looking for ways to push the process faster, I was doing the same thing I usually did!

    Solution: Pick at least one idea from the twelve Universal laws in "The Light Shall Set You Free," by Drs. Norma J. Milanovich and Shirley D. McCune. Continue to practice it until it becomes a habit, then pick another one.

  1. Becoming attached to one outcome. Many people focus solely on one thing they want to manifest and lose sight of the big picture. Then they are blind to all the other possibilities that are transpiring in their lives because they are only look for that one outcome that they initially imagined.

    Solution:  Things do not necessarily come in the exact form we expect or imagined. Focus on the underlying importance of what you desire—the essence of it—and see the bigger picture, too. Be open to experiencing a variety of miracles that come through your efforts.

  2. Giving your Self mixed messages. You no doubt have heard how important it is to focus your attention on your desire. Often, people think they are concentrating on what they desire, but they are consistently complaining about what they don't have. For example: "I want more money because I'm sick of being broke. Or, "I'm going to find my soul mate as soon as I lose some weight." Then, they don't do anything to lose weight! All these mixed messages make it challenging to manifest what you truly desire.

    Solution: Becoming conscious of the fact that you are sending your Self mixed messages is the first step in re-focusing on what you desire. (To use myself as an example, I was fooling myself that I was allowing the process to flow, when in fact I was looking for ways to move it faster!) Write a list of all the things you desire to manifest. Be sure it is totally focused on what you desire. Then, challenge your Self to avoid giving your Self a mixed message. Each time you notice your Self giving a mixed message, restate it, omitting the mixed message. 

  3. Creating expectations you do not believe are possible is a recipe for failure. You need to be crystal clear about your desires and believe without doubt that you, along with the Universe, will create it. When you practice the principles of the Law of Attraction, if you don't completely believe that you can get what you desire, the plan for failure is in motion. You might be reluctant to fully commit to your desires because past experiences can limit what you believe is possible for you. However, if you don't truly believe something will transpire, it's almost guaranteed to fail.

    Solution: Let go of any expectations that are beyond what you usually allow your Self to truly believe are possible. When you choose an expectation, learn to trust without doubt that it will come to you at the perfect time. Then trust each incremental success, or other successes to reinforce your ability to believe that greater things are possible for you.

  4. Focusing only on future returns and giving gratitude are essential component to manifesting your desires. Sometimes, people plan on being grateful in the future for all the things that will manifest in their lives. The luxury car, a bigger house, the perfect partner...the list goes on and on. However, your day-to-day experiences that capture your attention—and what you focus your attention on—grows. So, unless you can find things to be grateful for right now in your daily experiences, you'll end up focusing on what you don't have instead of what you truly desire.

    Solution: Practice cultivating gratitude in your daily life. Each morning, review your life. Pinpoint at least 3 things you can be grateful for, right now. When you get the hang of this, it becomes easier and you'll begin noticing many more things for which you can express gratitude. Consider giving gratitude even for the mundane, such as traffic moving steadily, lights changing precisely so you can avoid stopping, someone offering to do a favor, remembering something in the nick of time and so on.

These 5 tips are some of the techniques you can use as you perfect your ability to manifest your desires. Remember, creating happiness is a choice that you make and create for your Self. No one can stop you!