Take This Compatibility Quiz If You Want To Find True, REAL Love

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The Compatibility Quiz You Must Take Before Finding Love
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Are you really ready to find the One, the One Right Now, or somewhere in between?

Summer fast approaching for many (who get to take any time off) equals days lounging by the pool, catching up on the latest celebrity gossip and sharing pointless memes with your friends. If you're single, Summertime can mean more daylight hours for dating and getting to know new people.

Almost everyone enjoys taking a quiz now and again from the latest magazine to find out new information about themselves.

Wouldn't it be nice to actually have a love test to know whether you're truly ready for compatibility with someone who's meant for you rather than simply comparing astrological signs or star charts?

Take this compatibility quiz and see if the person you want to be with is the one for you:

1. After you work your tail off all week at the office until 11 PM every night, you picture your mate:

a. Taking you out for a night on the town to celebrate the weekend.

b. Hanging out with their friends while you take the night off to relax at home.

c. Giving you space and waiting for you to initiate date plans.

2. You just got a promotion at work. Your mate says:

a. "Let's go to Hawaii!"

b. "What do you plan to do with the extra cash?"

c. "I could really use some help with my bills."

3. Your partner asks you to be their date for an upcoming wedding, but you already made plans with friends. Do you:

a. Blow off your friends — your partner has never asked you to be their date for a wedding before.

b. Figure a way to attend part of the wedding with your partner and then go off with friends later.

c. Decline and lose your partner's number — the very idea of weddings creep you out.

4. "Commitment" in your mind means:

a. Looking after your friend's house for a week.

b. Getting to know another as well as you know yourself.

c. Hitting "snooze" consistently upon waking up.

5. The one quality you love about yourself has to be:

a. Your passion for relationships and fairytale happy endings.

b. Your sense of boundaries: When to be rigid (closed) and when to be more flexible with others as well as yourself.

c. Everything about you is awesome, obviously!

6. The one quality you are looking for in your ideal mate that you would not be able to live without would be:

a. Their ability to rescue you in your time of greatest despair.

b. Their ability to grow old with you and your likes and dislikes could influence each other.

c. They have to be easy on the eyes.

Answer Key:

Mostly A's: Hopeless Romantic

Your idea of commitment and finding the One comes from the stories and movies you were exposed to growing up and are likely rooted in fantasy. While there is nothing inherently wrong or bad about fantasizing in relationships, it is also a good idea to be realistic when it comes to commitment.

Staying faithful to one person often involves periods of discomfort (yes, having constructive arguments is part of it) and you want to be sure you are setting yourself up for this very real possibility when approaching commitments to another. Keep at it!

Mostly B's: Realistic Commitment

You are at the point in your life where you have taken the time to work on yourself and explore all aspects — both great and less than awesome — and accept yourself for where you are at this present moment.

With this acceptance of where you are in your own life comes the ability to truly commit to someone else; as you have freed up the time, effort, and energy to invest the same amount of interest in another human being. Go for it!

Mostly C's: Having Fun

For you, commitment takes on another meaning rather than the traditional view of holding on to just one person. Again, nothing wrong with this, but you are having fun with relationships at this point in your life.

Maybe you just got out of a relationship or simply have no interest in settling down the way your family members wished you would. In any case, you march to the beat of your own drum — and that’s okay too.