4 Easy Steps For Effective Communication In Love

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Learn how to get the love you want by using effective communication on your first date.

You don't want to look like the couple in this picture, do you? If not, keep reading... What goes wrong when you first meet a new guy, and why you never hear from him again. Did the first date conversation make you feel like a complete dork?

That's okay. But you've got to learn some basic communication skills to be a great date — and to get a second date with that cutie. This article is going to give you a 4 step cheat sheet to having effective communication in all of your relationships. Maybe you're out of practice, and you haven't even had many first dates. So what should you do?

That, my beautiful friends, is called practice. So what are you supposed to practice? First: Stop Being a Doormat To Get The Love You Want.

1. Making Eye Contact

Have you ever talked with someone and they didn't look in your eyes once? When you don't have eye contact on your date, they will feel totally disconnected, and you'll never hear from him again. Practice making eye contact with everyone you meet, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

You will get over it. When I was younger I never looked anyone in the eye because I was so self-conscious. I was in theater class in high school and the director made me look one of my classmates in the eye during an improv. I thought I was going to die. I couldn't keep a straight face. Thankfully, I got over the eye-contact thing when I was a teenager. But if you have problems with something now, you'll get over it with practice. If you've moved past the first date with someone long distance, you'll want to check out the Top 3 Things You Must Know To Make A Long Distance Relationship Last.

2. Smiling

Smiling tells the world how you feel, and if you feel happy, people want to know it. And men want to be with a person who's happy for the most part. Even if you don't feel on top of the world, or feel like smiling, there are theories and scientific evidence supporting that smiling (even when you don't feel like it) will make you feel happier. So make smiling a daily practice and be happy. If you want to get to that second date learn 3 EPIC Steps To Get a Second Date.

3. Not Smiling

If you're having a first date conversation, and your date brings up a topic that displeases you (like talking about bodily fluids over dinner, ew…), you can drop the smile and tell them politely, "That kind of talk feels kind-of gross to me," then be quiet. You can focus yourself on how good your grilled salmon salad is, and let him come up with something else to talk about. It's okay to let a guy know about something you do not care for. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be authentic!

4. Playing Popcorn

If you want to have effective communication in your first date conversation, don't fill up all the space with your words, or sit there like a sloth not saying a word. If you're with an Alpha man, let him come up with some topics and you can respond to it with playful responses, and segue with a follow-up question. It's easy. Keep the conversational popcorn popping. And if you don't know what to say you can actually say, "I feel nervous and I don't really know what to say," and flash him a goofy smile. It will let him know that even though you're nervous, you're still connecting with him.

When you want to have effective communication in relationships, it starts with your first interaction with a man. Men love to feel connected to a woman, especially when they're on a date. If they feel disconnected, they'll look for someone else who gets them and listens to them. There are so many things to help a man feel connected. It feels good to be connected, so start connecting. You won't be sorry.

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