15 Fun Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day

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15 Fun Things To Do If You're Single On Valentine's Day
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Who said that Valentine’s Day is just for couples? V-day has gotten a bad rap from single women who think that, if they don’t have a significant other, they need to crawl in a hole and feel sorry for themselves on February 14th.

No way! There’s an upside to being single on Valentine’s Day: You can do whatever you want to celebrate! So start making a list of fun things to do, whether by yourself or with friends.

Think about it! There will be no fighting with your boyfriend this year over his lack of planning. No stress over having to spend money you don’t have on a sexy set of lingerie from Victoria's Secret. No chance of being disappointed over not having your exaggerated romantic fantasies met on the big day by someone you’ve just started dating on Bumble.

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I know it's hard to not feel just the tiniest bit jealous when you’re single on V-day and surrounded by happy couples gushing over their swanky dinner reservations. Or maybe you're being bombarded by pictures of flower deliveries and elaborate, surprise proposals in your social media feed.

But don’t hate on the cutesy couples or become that a bitter "party of one" because you're single this year. You can have an equally memorable Valentine’s Day as a single woman by taking matters into your own hands and making Valentine's Day plans of your own.

This year, if you aren’t coupled up, you’re in the driver's seat and can make this day all about you — whether you find things to do by yourself or spend Valentine's Day with the people in your life who love on you.

Single women sometimes forget that love isn’t just about the romantic kind. Some of my best Valentine’s Days have been spent with my closet friends, my two children, and even co-workers who just wanted to get together for a night on the town.

So grab your bestie, organize a group of friends to tag along, or claim the day for just yourself and use it to catch up on some much-needed me time.

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Here are 15 fun things to do if you're single on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Book a massage or facial at your favorite pampering spot.
  2. Make reservations at that restaurant you've been dying to try.
  3. Stay in your PJs and binge-watch your favorite Hulu or Netflix show.
  4. Take an overnight trip to a destination spa or inexpensive B&B.
  5. Go to a sound bowl healing or meditation class, and ask someone from the class out for coffee afterwards.
  6. Take a sunset bike ride, followed by drinks with a scenic view somewhere.
  7. Check out a wine and painting class.
  8. Get your sweat on at a hot yoga class.
  9. Go out shopping and splurge on something special you've been wanting.
  10. Splurge on an over-priced latte or decadent sweet treat at a local coffee shop.
  11. Create a gratitude list of all the things you're grateful for this year.
  12. Grab some gal pals and make vision boards together.
  13. Buy a new sex toy and get busy!
  14. Hire a private chef to come over and make you dinner. Why cook on your special day?
  15. Take a look in the mirror and remind yourself how lovable, incredible and amazing you are.

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Dina Strada is an LA-based Life and Relationship Coach who has spent the past six Valentine's Days doing all 15 of these things! Visit her website, download her free guide, Breaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns, or read her articles on love, relationships and healing in Huffington Post, elephant journal, Chopra, The Good Men Project, Elite Daily, Rebelle Society, Thrive Global and Medium.