How Your Underwear Dictates Your Dating Life

How Your Underwear Dictates Your Dating Life [EXPERT]
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It's not only your smile or pretty dress, but something on the inside, that attracts him.

You may have tried different tactics based on the advice you received on the proper behavior for landing a man. The real secret to attracting lasting love is through something unseen. You may seem like a grown-up but do you show up on a date feeling like a helpless little girl with her ruffled panties? You look sexy, but are your actions and energy reflecting your insecure younger self? How To Find A Good Man To Marry? Use Your Common Sense

Most likely if you are feeling like a little girl, you are unconsciously attracting little boys. These are men whia are disguised as grown-ups but they are still sucking their thumb when you aren't looking. These men are the ones who don't know what they want, chase much younger women and avoid adult conversations by not calling you back.

The sad thing is that over and over I hear the sob stories of women who tell me about the little boys who broke their heart. I used to tell those same dark tales too. I didn't realize that my attraction was driven by my younger, ignorant self, who was acting from a place pain instead of power.

If you are struggling with dating and finding a man to call you back or respond to you in a respectful way, then maybe you better check out your underwear. If you have emotional needs from childhood that were not met, your little one is probably still in charge of your dating decisions. The men your little girl chooses aren't prepared for a grown-up relationship and you will always be led back to heartbreak.

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